Sitting Duck

A sitting duck, that’s what I feel like. All week, in fact, since Irma started commanding so much attention. It’s been hard to get away from – she’s everywhere. By the time this post is published she’ll be history (hopefully). Since school was cancelled for today (Friday) I’m taking time to prepare this post and have it ready to go bright and early Monday. I have no idea if we’ll have power or not but the show will go on. Besides, it’s helpful to do something other than sit around waiting. The calm before the storm on Friday was the perfect time to snap a few pictures before I headed out to lunch with my friend Kristen. The sun wasn’t exactly shining so forgive the darkness of the photos.Remember just last week I posted a few pictures of us together in high school and college? Well, she now lives in Miami. The only good thing to come from Irma was having Kristen in Orlando for a few days! This is what I wore to meet her for lunch.

The best thing about a best friend is no matter how much time passes you can pick up right where you left off. That’s how it is with us. We sit down and immediately begin catching up. There’s something so refreshing about talking with someone who knows your story because she was there for most of it! Old friendships are comfortable, they feel good, they nurture the soul. Just as comfortable as I am sitting down with one of my oldest and best friends, my outfit checks all the boxes for ease and comfort too!

I have been chomping at the bit to wear my new open toe booties!They are super comfortable and look fantastic with my Old Navy Rockstar jeans. Not only are they super comfortable but they are on sale! Lightweight enough to wear in the heat and humidity yet they hold their shape without bagging makes them the perfect pair for me!

Even though it is so hot here I knew I would be cold in the restaurant so it was the perfect time to pull out my new striped boyfriend shirt. This shirt is a winner! The relaxed fit of a boyfriend shirt combined with subtle fading of the stripes give it a fun personality. It will look great worn under a sweater or jacket but for now it’s fabulous on it’s own.

Anytime I can pull out a statement necklace I will. The juxtaposition of a sparkly, crystal necklace up against a faded striped shirt and slightly faded denim gives me all the feels! I realized once it was too late that you can’t even see my necklace in these pictures so…I pulled out the old Iphone!

While I chose not to wear earrings I did choose two of my favorite bracelets. This one and this one are two of my favorites! I could wear them everyday.  I’ve included my Michael Kors bag (similar) just to show you I have successfully transitioned my wardrobe from Summer to Fall! Ha! That’s about the size of it here in Florida, no need to grab sweaters or extra layers just yet so swapping handbags will do the trick.

Just a little update about what else was occurring on Friday. I reported to school at 5:30am with the rest of our leadership team to prepare our school for the hurricane. The air doesn’t kick on till about 6:30 ish so we were boiling for the first hour. We went from room to room covering computers and unplugging refrigerators. After we were done we realized we had to go back and unplug every single computer! Ugh!!!! Then we walked the property to remove any debris and make sure anything that could blow away was secured. I got home around 8:45 had coffee and then showered to get ready for lunch with Kristen. While we were taking these pictures our neighbors were all busy getting ready for the storm. Take a look at what a typical house looks like before the storm:
I have been working on this post since Friday. It’s now Sunday morning and here’s the latest. Our son Nolan was able to catch a ride home from UF (Gainesville) on Friday afternoon. We hadn’t planned on him coming home so this was an unexpected surprise. He had been sick earlier in the week and went to a walk in clinic. He tested negative for strep so they sent him on his way with ibuprofen for pain. By the time he came home Friday his tonsils were huge! I’m not one to panic so we expected he’d start to feel better. However, by early Saturday morning he couldn’t swallow his own saliva and it was hard to breathe. His tonsils were ENORMOUS. Finding an urgent care that was open was a challenge since everyone is preparing for Irma. We found one, waited two painful hours only to hear we needed to get to the hospital immediately because the doctor suspected Nolan had an abscess in his tonsils. We hurried to the ER where they took him in immediately and started him on an IV of steroids, antibiotics, zofran, and morphine. They barely had the IV started when they wisked him away for a CT scan of his neck. After several hours and many tubes of blood later we were elated to find out there was no abscess and we were able to come home. Prior to that they had talked about admitting Nolan and needing him there for several days. Such an answered prayer that we were able to go home with lots of scripts in hand. I can’t imagine being separated from my husband and younger son during the hurricane. I sit here typing with a very grateful heart.

So that’s a little update on what’s happening here, I am hoping to be back in action by Wednesday but right now things are uncertain as we wait for Irma. I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers for everyone dealing with Irma and her aftermath.



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