Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

This weekend I am hosting my a bridal shower brunch so I have all things wedding on the brain! Spring and summer mean that wedding season will be in full force as well – how many couples got engaged on Valentine’s Day? In any case, I thought this article was worth sharing and I hope you enjoy this contributed content!

If you are eager to say, ‘I do’ to the love of your life in front of your nearest and dearest, you are probably keen for the coronavirus pandemic to dissipate. With vaccines being deployed, the thought of having a large wedding seems more than just a dream once more. While you are well in the throes of the planning stages for your big day, you need to consider what you will add to your day to make it unique. Sure, you can get married in a church, have the white dress, the three tiered cake and the sit-down wedding breakfast, but why opt for something generic when something more spectacular can be achieved? 

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event and should be the most memorable day of your life. You don’t want to succumb to the trends and fads that adorn bridal magazines and you need to think about your uniqueness as a couple. This is what you need to inject into your wedding day. Take a look at these simple ways to make your wedding day unique.

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Your Rings

Many people overlook the nuances of the wedding bands. A simple yellow or white gold band might be the go-to jewelry to adorn your finger but there are so many more options for you. If you are keen to express your personality a little more, think about some more kooky jewelry choices. You might be a massive fan of all things retro. An achingly cool piece of vintage jewelry might be ideal for your finger. Enamel set gemstones or art nouveau diamond sets can be perfect to add that one of a kind feel to your big day. All of your guests will be admiring the rock on your finger.

Alternatively, you might want to explore the sorts of metals that could act as your wedding band. Ensure that you check out the ring size chart at JewelryTalk before taking a punt on a platinum wedding band or a light titanium ring. These more modern metals are strong, light and offer a different hue and vibe to your wedding band.


You could opt to get married in a church but this isn’t the only option. Instead, you might want to explore those venues that are more personal to you. If you fancy getting married in the great outdoors because there’s nothing you love more than heading to the beach, consider a coastal wedding. Adorning the beach with dressed chairs and a driftwood arch, you can say your vows with the waves lapping at your feet, the sun shining and the sand between your toes. Or perhaps you’d fancy getting married in a country garden or national park. The possibilities are endless.

If you are movie buffs, think about getting hitched in an arthouse cinema. These art deco buildings ooze 1920s glamor and can be the perfect backdrop to your photographs. If your first date was at the movies or you adore foreign films, the readymade aisle and big screen could be perfect for your wedding march and to show some awesome photos of your relationship or those embarrassing shots of you as a toddler. Consider using the cinema as a way of adding a classy theme to your day. Monochrome dress codes are all the rage and are timeless.

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The Outfits

Yes, you might have had your heart on a big white dress, but when it comes down to it does it really exude your personality. You need to think about how to exude confidence and feel good about yourself on your big day. You might want to go for bold colors or a dress that isn’t traditionally a bridal gown. The flapper dresses from the 1920s can look stunning as can the fan dresses from the 1950s a la the musical, Grease.

For your groom, ensure that he matches and complements you in his outfit choice. A mod style suit with an elegant modern gown would look a little odd together. Consider your color palette and the cut of your outfits. By matching, you will look like a real unit and the perfect couple – the ideal way to start your happy life together.

Choosing to go the extra mile for your big day will make it more memorable. Remember, this is your day to be just that little bit selfish. You are creating memories for you, and your guests are there to celebrate with you and make your day extra special. You can make your wedding day unique if you follow this simple guide.

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