Silver and Faux Leather

Just last week I shared my silver top (similar).  I dressed it up with my blue pleated skirt, take a look here. I mentioned needing to style it another way and this is where it pays to have friends.  Good friends with good taste.  Yes, definitely.  My sweet friend Mary of The Pouting Pensioner suggested I wear it with my faux leather leggings (similar, splurge). Turnabout is fair play, I boss her around all the time telling her what to wear and I even suggested she take a probiotic! So, I gave it a try and I’d say Mary was right!

I wore this on Friday night for date night with my husband. I should tell you our date nights are all kinds of fun. After a fabulous dinner we hit up Target because we’re wild and crazy like that! Actually we thought of going to a movie but the timing was weird and we wanted to get home to see Collin. He stayed at school until 10 working on his robot for a Robotics competition the next day. See what I mean? All kinds of glamour and fun over here at Chez Rohr!

We always head to the street when we take pictures and today was no different. My husband lovingly teases me and calls me a street walker. Because he’s a comedian. Except not really because I’m the funny one!

After I saw the pictures and gasped at how bad my hair looked we tried taking a few by the front door. Out of the wind tunnel that seems to follow me when we bring the camera out. You can see my sweet Sophie photobombing by the front door!

They turned out better because the sun actually poked out a little more. Natural light and less wind! #winning I wore m black boots with a slight heel, thank goodness they’re fairly comfortable on my finnicky feet. They’re old from Nine West but more of a sock boot which I like because of it’s slim profile. These are similar and under $45!

I wore a lace bralette (similar) under the top this time.  Here’s the deal with the lace bralettes if you’re bigger chested – wear your strapless bra with them.  Most bralettes offer no real support and when you’re not wearing the proper undergarments even the best outfit suffers.

My thanks to Mary for the outfit suggestion, I like the way it turned out and while I may have been a little overdressed for Target I was dressed fabulously well for dinner! I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed anyday by the way!

Yes, it definitely pays to have good blogging friends who know your wardrobe and can give you suggestions.

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