Signs that Marriage Could Be On the Cards

Some relationships last a few months; others last for years; others yet go the distance. If you’ve found someone with whom you believe you gel well, then at some point or another, you might begin to think about marriage. But how can you know whether what you have is the real deal or not? While you can never quite be sure how long a union will last, there are some signs that you might be in for the long haul. We’ll take a look at a few of these signs below.

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There’s a Foundation of Trust and Security

In the early days of a relationship, it’ll be all about having fun and getting to know each other. Yet while having fun is a good starting point, it’s important to remember that a long-term relationship can’t be based on fun alone. There has to be a foundation of trust and security. If there’s minimal or no trust, then at some point, things will be doomed to fail. Communication is key. If you feel like you can talk with your beloved about your thoughts and feelings in a secure way, then you’ll be in a strong position for marriage.

You’ve Talked About a Wedding

Of course, talking about a wedding is a pretty big sign that you could one day be married! Engagements rarely just come out of anywhere. Through the course of getting to know your partner, you’ll have discussed your feelings about marriage. And then, at some stage, you will discuss the prospect of marrying each other. You might talk about the type of wedding you’d have. You might look at Whiteflash diamond engagement rings and discuss your favourite styles. These types of conversations may start small, but at some point, you’ll be discussing marriage as if it’s not only a possibility but inevitable. 

Conflict Resolution

Every relationship experiences bad times on occasion. Having fights and disagreements isn’t a problem in itself. It’s how the two people in the relationship communicate when they’re going through tough times that determines the value of the union. If you’re able to chat freely, without anger and judgement, then you’ll be on the right path. A good way to combat conflicts, incidentally, is to use the RADAR method, which is a relationship check in system. It can help prevent small issues from becoming big fights. 

Happy Together, Happy Apart

It’s important to, of course, be happy when you’re with your partner. But what about when you’re apart? A strong marriage is where the two individuals are free to have full lives on their own terms, without feeling that their life is limited. The basis of love is wanting the other person to be their best self. Without this mindset, it’ll be all too easy to fall into neediness or codependence, which can have devastating long-term impacts on a relationship. If you want what’s best for your partner, and they do for you, then you’ll have a solid basis for long-term success with your marriage


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