Shorts Over 50

The weather is heating up and the shorts are coming out, so how do we do shorts over 50? What are the rules? How can we be sure we’re doing it correctly? Read on for the answers!

Top || Shorts || Shoes || Necklace || Earrings || Bracelets

The subject of shorts has come up quite a few times here. In fact you can go back and read about long shorts (such an oxymoron, right?) here, essential shorts here, favorite summer shorts here, and walking shorts here. I’m no expert yet I seem to enjoy playing one here on the blog!

How to do Shorts Over 50

Quite simply put, you do shorts however you like! Ha! That’s right, I am a firm believer in eschewing rules in favor of personal preference when it comes to personal style. It’s personal after all! Regardless of what condition your legs or your body are in, wear what you feel best in.

Top || Shorts || Shoes || Necklace || Earrings || Bracelets

That may mean shorter shorts, longer shorts, distressed, non-distressed, solid colors, patterns, cut offs – whatever strikes your fancy.

The Only Rule…

The one and only rule I’d like to see us all follow is this one: Be KIND. Be kind to yourself and to others. That means looking at yourself through kind eyes. I’m speaking to myself as well. I am no fan of the cellulite on my legs and when I catch myself thinking negatively about it, I am making myself STOP. Instead I am thanking my legs for doing what they have done this far and continue to do – get me from one place to another.

Top || Shorts || Shoes || Necklace || Earrings || Bracelets

Let’s cheer on other women to. One thing I learned when I was a WW leader (for 15 years) was that bodies are changing all the time. So while it’s easy to look at someone with sagging skin and wonder why she would choose to wear short shorts rather than over up it’s just as easy to look at it from her point of view. This may be a woman who spent years at a weight she didn’t like and she has now lost a good bit. Enough to finally shop off the racks (something I heard women celebrate often) and she feels amazing in her shorts, she’s not worried about the sagging skin, why should we? I hope that example helps you realize that when we stop and try to see things through another’s eyes (empathy) a whole new world opens up.

I think being kind is more than a slogan on a tee, more than a bumper sticker, more than a #. Being kind is an action. It’s a verb. It’s a choice.

My Personal Favorites

I enjoy a longer short and my favorites are from Chico’s. They pull on so there’s no bulky zipper and they are made of a stretchy fabric that feels like I am wearing nothing at all. Super comfy! Paired with one of their no-iron stretch shirts I am literally wearing the shorts outfit of my comfort loving dreams.

Top || Shorts || Shoes || Necklace || Earrings || Bracelets

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