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Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! I know it is often referred to as a Hallmark holiday but I hope you’ll still do something fun and sweet. It’s a nice diversion from everyday life and what’s not to love about a holiday that focuses on love and sweet treats! So enjoy the ones you love today and everyday!

You may be thinking bloggers buy things all the time, right? I know I sure think that way and if you ask my husband he’d say I live that way as well, whatever. I thought it might be nice to see what I bought recently – like in the last week!

My love for Old Navy runs deep. From time to time I hear people say their clothes don’t last long and they don’t fit women’s bodies properly. To that I say I have purchased a number of tops from other retailers that bloggers link to all the time – not naming any Names (subtle, yes? that haven’t worn well either. Small holes in tops or items shrinking and I know I paid more than I would at Old Navy. On top of that I’m pretty obsessed with Old Navy denim.

Shopping online seems a lot easier to me because I don’t have hunt for my size and I love trying things on at home. Turns out that’s a bad habit of mine – buying in store without trying on first – it results in lots of returns on my part. I found some cute tops I couldn’t bear to pass up so in my cart they went and on my doorstep they arrived! Take a look!

Gosh I love this gingham shirt! First of all, gingham, hello, one of my absolute favorite patterns and second it has a cute heart on it! It’s also a good weight of cotton- not too sturdy but not paper thin either. I ordered a small, it doesn’t fit me well so back it will go but a tear may be shed if they don’t have a medium. It appears to be sold out online so I’m mentally preparing myself to say goodbye…

I only wore it for picture purposes so you can see the price tag dangling under the arm. Yes, my husband called me Minnie Pearl because, mmmm hmmm hysterical. I’d love to see them add more colors for Spring! Hello, hot pink! I wore my white denim because I just love how crisp and fresh navy and white look together!
This next top I bought in 2 colors yet only photographed one. It’s a lightweight jersey material that does not wrinkle and is so comfortable! The blue with white stripes will look great with all kinds of colors like pink, red, olive, and of course white. I also ordered it in white with a black stripe to replace a top with a hole in it from you kNow where. P.S. I’m totally not bashing the store just saying that because something costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. The bell sleeve is cute and basically gives what would normally be a plain tee a little sass! This top would be great casually or dressed up for work. Take another look!
My favorite piece from this order is this long cardi . Old Navy long cardis are the best for gals like me living on the sun. They’re lightweight and wear well, you also can’t beat the price!
You may not have known this but Old Navy and Gap offer free returns too – you just need to print the label. I’ll return my gingham shirt in the store so I can hopefully find a medium. I may return the blue and white striped top as well because I really only need the white one but I’m not sure right now.
In addition to the Old Navy order, I stopped in TJ Maxx last week. Big mistake. I left $100 later. What brought me in? I was looking for Valentine’s gifts. Here’s what I got:
The rationale behind these choices: the white shirt is a replacement for one I’ve had for years. The blue pants are something I’ve been looking for, I love the color and they’ll go with a lot of tops I own. Of course I didn’t try them on and they are too small so they’ll be going back. The sneakers were a great deal at $34.99 and they are soooooooo comfortable!
I did find a Valentine’s gift for Collin, he needed a water bottle for school. So he’ll get this, some candy, and a little spending money. We don’t do a lot for our boys for Valentine’s just a little something. I did send a box last week to Nolan and his roommates with candy, homemade crack brownies (recipe here), and decorations for them to have fun with because they are crazy silly. I’ll leave you with a picture of one of Nolan’s roommates thanking me for the package! Now isn’t that a nice way to end a post on Valentine’s Day – you are loved!

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