Sentence A Day – August

I have never done this before but I kinda like it! Sort of like a diary and a great way to recap the month. I am linking up with Leslie of Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After. Here goes!

8/1 Attended a political event to support one of my very best friends who is running for a seat on our school board. The best news: she won the straw poll that night!

8/2 Happy hour with friends! Since leaving my brick and mortar school I try to get together with these two friends once a month. It’s great to catch up!

8/3 Dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant. Margaritas – yum! Then frozen yogurt. Good times and lots to catch up on.

8/4 Lunch and movie date with my niece Carly to see Christopher Robin. It’s so nice to have one on one time with her! Then dinner at our friend’s house to celebrate my birthday. Yes, my June birthday! Better late than never, right?

8/5 So much to do around the house. Laundry, mowing the lawn, cleaning, groceries! We did head over to the beach for dinner with my sister and her family.  They rented a condo for the week .  Nice way to end the weekend!

8/6 Big day! Our Face to Face Pre-Planning event of the year for my online school.  We traveled from all over the state to meet for 2 days. It was fun but exhausting, I work with some really wonderful people and I feel blessed!

8/7 Day two of pre-planning meetings.  I am exhausted because I am out of my routine.

8/8 Back to working from home! However, they started replacing our roof today – it’s loud and constant pounding.

8/9 Excited today because Nolan comes home tonight after he finishes a final exam! My heart is happy!

8/10 Happy hour at our local Mexican restaurant and then on to see the new Mission Impossible movie!

8/11 More campaigning for Angie! Several of us volunteered to walk door to door to get votes. It’s hot and exhausting but I support my friend and I’ll do anything necessary to help her win! I’m in the fedora!

8/12 Last Sunday night dinner with both my boys for awhile! My parents wanted to see the boys before the head off to school so they took us to dinner. We had the best Italian!

8/13 Crazy busy day at work. My phone never stopped ringing! My heart was happy though because both my boys were home all day with me!

8/14 Happy Hour at Sushi Pop! They have the very best Happy Hour specials on sushi and Nolan is my sushi eating partner!

8/15 Last family dinner at home and of course the boys requested Andrea’s Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken! It’s a family favorite and I happily obliged!

8/16 Moving day for Nolan. I got a little teary saying goodbye but knowing I’d see him the every next day helped. He was hardly home at all this summer because he took 2 classes over the long term.

8/17 Moving day for Collin. Crazy thing is that it was exactly two years ago on this very same day that we moved Nolan into his freshman dorm at UF!

8/18 Concert day! Thank goodness we made these plans months ago because I really need the pick me up of a fun concert with friends!

8/19 Catch up day! I mowed the lawn, swam, and read my book. It was delightful!This photo popped up on my Facebook Timeline, my boys’ first day of high school – Collin was a freshman and Nolan a junior!

8/20 No make up Monday! The only time I left the house was to go to the gym. I spent the rest of the day working and I swam. I also finished my book!

8/21 Met my parents at a doctor’s appointment so I could be a third set of ears listening to my father’s medical oncologist.  I praise God for the news we got because it was better than I expected.  I worked the rest of the day and then we went out for Taco Tuesday!

8/22 Attended another political event to meet a candidate running for Orange County Mayor.

8/23 First webinar of the school year – Back to School Success Strategies! I love my online school counselor job!

8/24 Happy hour with friends and then a game of cards back at our place.

8/25 Blogger meet up with Kim of Fierce Fashion! So. Much. Fun. We will do it again!

We ended the night at church and our pastor returned from sabbatical. He and his wife visited Scotland this summer and he wore his kilt to church! I just love our pastor!

8/26 Since we went to church last night, I slept in, finished my book and then went shopping! Here’s a fitting room selfie.

8/27 Just another Monday – gym, work out, and a look at my work wear!

8/28 Primary day! Angie Gallo for Orange County School Board District 1! The best news is she won!!!

8/29 Woke up with a sore throat and feeling achy. No gym today. Zicam here I come!

8/30 Mani -pedi time with my bestie Windy! Trying to do this every month to keep these nails in shape and have some friend time!

8/31 I sure love a Friday but it’s even better headed into a long weekend. As a bonus both of my sweet boys came home! Happy mama right here!!! Collin made plans to play volleyball with a friend so we took Nolan to dinner!

So that’s a wrap on the month of August. In review it looks like I do a lot of happy hours, huh? I guess I do! August was a great month even though the boys both left, it ended on a positive note for sure. My friend winning her election and the boys coming home! Can’t wait to see what September brings!


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