Say Yes to the Dress

It’s hard to believe it’s almost May but it most certainly is and that means you are probably in need of a dress or two for special occasions. Mother’s Day, weddings, showers, graduations, and the list goes on and on! I thought it might be nice to share some affordable options with you. And by affordable I mean under $50!

I ordered this dress after seeing Andrea in her white dress. I love how she styled hers and I am absolutely on the look out for a cute vest like hers. In the meantime I am very pleased with my dress and look forward to wearing it for a variety of occasions.

I ordered the dress in a size medium and it fits just fine. If you’ve never ordered from an online retailer like SheIn here are some helpful tips to make sure you’ll be pleased with your purchase. First read the details about the item and take a look at the measurements. Usually they include what size the model is wearing as well as her measurements. That’s helpful because the majority of these models are 5’10” and dresses and skirts look a lot shorter on them than they do on my 5’5″ self!

The lace detailing on this dress is just beautiful! The nice thing about a white dress is that you can completely change the look by changing out accessories. I wanted to go for a more casual vibe so I added my colorful tassel necklace and favorite wedges(on sale). I would also throw on a denim jacket if it was cool enough outside.

SheIn offers a variety of dresses at very affordable prices. I have never had a problem with shipping or returns and lately my orders have arrived within days of the actual order. Take a look at these dresses I’ve rounded up for a variety of reasons. Some would make a great cover up, while some would be suitable for a night out or a casual afternoon. The nice thing about getting a dress from SheIn is that you won’t have to worry about walking into an event and finding someone else in the same dress! #ohthehorror I do worry about that when I shop at Loft, by the way I love Loft but so does everyone else! It is definitely something I consider when I’m shopping for an occasion, do you?

So what do you think, are you ready to say yes to the dress? I hope you found something to inspire you today and that you make the Monday a great one friends!

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