Same Legs, Same Top


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This title may not be entirely catchy but it’s reminding me to get to the point I’m trying to make. And that’s that different shoes can totally change the look of your legs. It’s particularly important as the weather warms up and the shorts come out. It’s also kind of funny how this title evolved because I had really intended on bragging on this cute top of mine! Precious, isn’t she? Gah, I’m in love.

I ordered it quite awhile ago from a new to me online retailer Yoins. It’s similar to SheIn and they have free shipping. The prices are affordable and this top is so stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it! I’m wearing a medium – snag one for yourself because you’ll be sorry if you miss out. It’s well made and not see through at all! While it looks great with my pink scallop shorts (similar) I couldn’t wait to pair this beauty  with my pineapple shorts similar).

Once we finished snapping pictures I realized how different my legs looked just by changing the shoes. Admittedly these shorts are short and my legs are 50 just like the rest of my body. But there are some things I do to feel more confident in shorter shorts, heck I do these things whenever my legs are going to see the light of day. I am very fair skinned, extremely pale. I live in sunless tanner and daily moisturizing sunless tanner. Every now and then I skip a few days and then my “tan” starts to wear off very unevenly. When that happens I grab my leg make up by Sally Hansen. It covers imperfections and it’s waterproof. Completely safe to wear to the beach or swimming. I have both the cream and the spray. I like them both equally well!

I know once we reach a certain age we can come up with lots of reasons not to wear a particular item of clothing, like shorts. I’m no different, years of sunbathing and tanning salons have left me with spotted legs. I feel like I literally woke up one day like, whoa, what the heck happened here? Yes, my age spots seemed to appear overnight and with my very pale skin it’s not attractive. Add in spider veins and cellulite for more visual interest (lol) and you’ll understand why I have made it my mission to find something to help these legs look as good as I feel. That’s the point isn’t it? I want my outside to match how I feel on the inside. So if you have any insecurities about your legs and wearing shorts, give this a try.

Something else to consider is your shoes.  While sandals might be more comfortable heels, especially nude ones, elongate the leg. I think it’s worth noting how different my legs look when I’m wearing flats compared to when I’m wearing heels. While we’re talking about heels I want to mention that they’re not all created equally and not every shoe will work for every woman. I know you know that but it’s worth repeating. Here’s why. There’s been this really pretty platform wedge making its way all around blogland. After seeing them on just about everyone I ordered a pair and hoped for the best! Sadly, they were uncomfortable, the instep is just too high. Take look at them,maybe they’d work for you! In happy news my favorite wedges in the natural color are on their way to me and they are a fraction of the cost! Yes, I am in need of a pedicure.  It’s something I have to really make myself do – I am super impatient and unless I’m with a friend or have a great book to read I get antsy!

Alright, let’s wrap up this rambling of mine before you nod off.  You may live in a place where Spring hasn’t sprung yet but it will soon.  Time to get your game plan ready for warm weather.  What do you do to feel confident is shorts?  Have you found comfortable shoes?

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