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I’ll bet you knew exactly what sale I was referring to, didn’t you?  Just in case you aren’t sure it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and early access began on Thursday, July 13.  I had two choices for how to spend my Thursday, July 13. Here they are:









I chose:












No worries, before heading to the beach I shopped online. Apparently EVERYONE shopped online AT THE SAME TIME yesterday because the site crashed! I had no problem completing my order but here’s the good news: Nordstrom is offering 10x points for purchases made yesterday and today. That’s great news if you’re signed up to earn rewards (of course I am, lol). Here’s a little tip: last year I caved and got a Nordstrom card so I could shop the sale early. It was great because I also received the $20 Nordstrom Note (basically works like a gift card) and I signed up to earn rewards. When the card arrived I promptly stored it away. All of the purchases I make online from Nordstrom go on my regular credit card and I still earn rewards. Bottom line you can get a Nordstrom credit or debit card and use it just to get the perks like early access but you can still earn points towards your next Nordstrom Note even using a different card. I like that, most stores only give you rewards if you’re using their card. Of course that only works online. I’ve mentioned before we use one credit card for everything and pay it off at the end of the month. Do not go into debt for clothes! Alright, PSA over!

Sweaters, cardigans, and jackets do not interest me much since I live in such a warm climate but there are other goodies the sale offers so take a look at what I ordered:

I ordered these Articles of Society jeans mostly out of curiosity. They have gotten rave reviews. I’m not sure I’ll be keeping them but I will try them on and let you know!
So this graphic tee has me excited. I LOVE the idea of a graphic tee but because of my job (school counselor) and the fact that I live in the same neighborhood as my school I have to be careful how I present myself. I literally run into my students everywhere – seriously even on our cruise I heard, “Hi Mrs. Rohr!” So yeah, I have to be careful about what I wear.This tee will be fabulous for me and promotes such a positive message!
Ok, I am still crazy about cold shoulder tops and this one will be perfect for Fall and Winter. This is the perfect top for us warm climate girls! We can literally wear this all year. I can’t wait to get it and show you ways to wear it now and when it’s cooler (like in the 80’s hee hee).
Ever since I was a little girl I have been infatuated with purses so this Sole Society bag had to make it’s way into my cart. I love the shape of it but I wish it came in another color besides black, maybe cognac? Anyway, I can’t wait to get it and check it out. If you decide to shop the sale and things are sold out, don’t worry, they keep re-stocking so just check back.

So that’s what I ordered for myself. Here are some other items I have my eye on for my home or to give as gifts. First up, Kendra Scott jewelry. If you don’t already own any Kendra Scott take this opportunity to rectify that situation. Her pieces are high quality and dress up everything! My mother’s birthday is in September so I like to buy her a piece for her birthday. I think what I love the most is that Kendra Scott pieces don’t tarnish and when you wear as much self tanner as I do that’s an issue. You can buy several inexpensive pieces of costume jewelry and toss them in a few months or get one of these quality pieces.

I like to buy sets of candles and then break them apart and give as individual gifts. Voluspa candles come in such pretty tins and make such a nice gift. They also make great hostess gifts, I seriously always have a few of these on hand just in case! Diptyque candles are divine! They are super pricey so this set for $55 ($75 value) is a steal. Once the candle has burned be sure to keep the glass jar and use it to store your make up brushes – you’ll look like a Youtube star! Really, have you noticed how so many people use these jars in pictures?

Here’s my promise, I am not going to bore you to death with details about the sale. While the sale is great, especially if you want to score designer brands at great prices, I plan on sharing what I’m wearing now. Honestly after awhile the sale gets covered to ad nauseam.

So I lifted the shopping ban for the sale only but now I’m back on board with no spending for awhile.

I also don’t plan on two posts a day like I’ve done twice this week! Originally this post was planned for Monday but I thought you might like to know how you can score 10x the rewards points through today. So, yes, think of it as my gift to you as you head into the weekend!



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