Prime Purchases Lately

How in the world I managed to miss Prime Purchases with my friend Tanya the last few months I’ll never know. Thank goodness I was able to get it together and participate this month. I am definitely getting a better handle on my editorial calendar. And by editorial calendar I mean my planner with notes scribbled in it! #letmeshowyouhowitsdone

Prime Purchases Lately

In all honesty, I have been Priming less and less lately. It’s almost as if I have laser vision when it comes to the clothing and I can see that some pieces are just cheaply made. When I look back over the years, I made a lot of poor choices buying things on Amazon. Cheap and fast spoke to me. But no more, I am buying better but less. Now that does not mean that everything on Amazon is off limits – but I am learning to be more discerning. One of the very best clothing purchases I made in December was this sweater and the quality is outstanding.

The bathing suits I bought a few years back are also worth every penny. In fact, I am planning to order a bunch of new suits to try because we are planning a little weekend away for my birthday. A few have caught my eye (shop the photos below in the widget) – I love the idea of a boy short bottom on a one piece. The tankini top provides good coverage too and I have some old swim skirts I can use it with. Sensing a theme here? I like coverage.

Purchases I Made

I recently ordered these liners for my Air Fryer. They have not arrived yet but I am excited for them to come.

This triple charger has been a nice addition to my bedside table. Having my phone and watch charge all in one place is nice. One of these days I’ll get a pair of Airpods and they can charge there as well!

We bought our sweet girl Sophie this cologne and while I can’t say how she feels about it, the rest of the family enjoys her new scent!

While clothing purchases are questionable on Amazon, costume jewelry is not. Pavoi makes 14k gold plated pieces that are not only affordable, but they wear well and look so high end. I wear these earrings and these earrings daily as well as this necklace and this necklace.

A repeat purchase for me is this foundation from Wet n Wild. I swear by it and plan to continue using it. I also love, love, love this eyelash primer and am considering setting it up for autoship!

My husband stocked up on the Dove body wash. He has such simple needs compared to me!

Our son bought this insulated stainless water bottle. Rave reviews from him on this purchase!


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Purchases I Made and Returned

Well, there’s always a few that don’t quite turn out, right? I needed a new mouse for my work laptop and bought this one. My son talked me into returning it because of the shape – he told me that ergonomically I would not be happy.

I bought a new Waterpik because my husband got tired of my battery operated one always needing batteries, we do use rechargeable ones but he thought it burned through them too quickly. Anyway, I replaced it with this one. I didn’t feel like it worked well so back it went and I am on the hunt for a new one.

My hopes of having gorgeous nails in 2023 have gone out the window. This gel set is loved by many but my oily nail beds weren’t having it. It’s a shame really because it is a FABULOUS deal and I think the lamp works well and the colors are so pretty. But I could not keep the polish on more than a day or two.

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Have you Primed anything great lately? Tell me!!

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