Prime Purchases from May

The beginning of a new month means it’s time to share purchases from last month. I always love joining my friend Tanya for her monthly link up. Actually, I love seeing what everyone has ordered and getting great ideas for myself! I didn’t have a post last month because my purchases were a total SNORE. But I am ready to share my prime purchases from May and hope you’ll enjoy them!

Prime Purchase #1 Wireless Ear Buds

I could cry tears over this one. These wireless ear buds are pretty, they are comfortable, and they worked very well. Sadly I lost them when I traveled to Nashville. My guess is I lost them while deplaning when I arrived. Listen, I do not lose things. Like ever. This hurt. Deep. Might seem dramatic, I know, but darn it all!! Now I am asking myself if I should order a new pair or if I need to keep using my corded ear buds since clearly I cannot be trusted with the wireless ones?

amazon wireless ear buds

Oh, how I miss you ear buds. Where did I lose you? I someone else enjoying you now?

Prime Purchase #2 Storage Bag Organizers

I am always up for a good organization product. But it has to be one that makes sense and works for me and my family. For instance, I love seeing all the super organized fridges on social media but that won’t work for us. So I just keep scrolling. This is something I can do though and they fit perfectly in one of my kitchen drawers. The storage bag organizers make everything look so streamlined!

amazon prime purchases storage bag organziers


Prime Purchase #3 Rattan Earrings

I was late to the party on these rattan earrings but I am making up for lost time. This is such a great deal, all 4 pairs for $16 and they are so pretty! So far I’ve worn the pink ones and the neutral pair. I mentioned them first in my latest accessories post. I think they’re great for the spring and summer season!

Prime Purchase #4 Birthday Toilet Paper

My brother is turning 50 in July and when Carrie shared this toilet paper I immediately clicked and purchased. Unfortunately in my excited state I accidently had it sent to my son in Nashville. He was confused when it arrived – ha!!!

Prime Purchases Bought & Returned

I am hardly buying clothing from Amazon these days but every now and again I am influenced and go for it. Most of the time I end up disappointed. I purchased this dress and these underwear. What was I thinking when I ordered the dress? I’ll tell you (like you want to know, right?). I saw someone with the same type of body as mine wear it and it looked good. But when I put it on, not so much. First of all, I don’t tan my mid section so it was super white at the cut out areas. Secondly, it just seemed clingy and tight. I’d say order up if you go for this one. I did not even take a photo of it on, but this one below is an accurate depiction of me in anything with cutouts.

I ordered these underwear as well and returned them too. I knew as soon as I opened the package that I did not care for the fabric and the cut was wrong. But I am on the hunt for some good underwear. My go to favorites over the years have been these and I may just order more but I’d like to explore other options. I am open to suggestions!

Check out Tanya’s link up here, it goes live on Tuesday. Tell me if there is anything you’ve been priming lately!!

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