Prime Purchases from April

Hello, May! It’s time to share my Prime purchases from April. As always I am linking up with Tanya – I hope you’ll stop by and check out the link up. If you’re anything like me (and I bet that you are!) you’ll love seeing what everyone has purchased!

Looking over my purchases for the month, I realize I didn’t buy any clothing. Who am I?? That just seems so out of character for me. Nonetheless, I have some purchases to share with you.

Starting with this mount for my phone. This is a re-purchase for me. I had one and my husband accidently donated it to Goodwill when I removed it from my mirror to clean. UGH! Anyway it is a good one, so if you are looking for a phone mount, I highly recommend this one. Honestly, how many times can you say you liked something so much you bought it twice?

I ordered this cookbook after Chrissy recommended it. So far all of the recipes have been terrific and my husband likes them too, which is always a win. If you are looking to eat healthier and cleaner, you should check this out!

Amazon has everything as we well know, right? So when the chain kept coming apart on my purse, I ordered this one. The design is much better and I love it!

Despite swearing I was not buying any new lipsticks, I caved and got this one after seeing my sister in law wearing it. I loved it on her and I am hoping it looks as good on me!

Since I have no new clothes to share from Amazon, I thought you might like to see a few favorites from last year that are still available! This dress has washed up beautifully and comes in 6 colorways. The photo below is from last year – thank goodness my hair is darker now!

Amazon Baby Doll Dress

This is another one that is still available and comes in 20 colorways. I like it so much I wore it for Nolan’s graduation photos! As cute as it looks with booties, it is equally adorable with my favorite wedges and sandals!

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