Prime Purchases – February 2022

Prime Purchases Collage

It’s time to share more of my monthly spending, this time I’m sharing all of my Amazon Prime purchases with you. Once again I am linking up with my friend Tanya for her Prime Purchases Link Up. This is always my favorite link up party – I love seeing what everyone found and getting ideas myself!

Prime Purchase #1

My first purchase did not disappoint as I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. Trusting God Day by Day has been a great addition to my morning quiet time! Joyce is a straight shooter, tells it like it is and provides great daily examples of applying scripture to daily life. I find myself thinking of what I read throughout the day.

Prime Purchase #2

Thinking I struck gold when I read about this blue tooth beanie on The Preppy Empty Nester, I promptly ordered one for my son. However, my excitement was short lived. He told me to return it because he didn’t think he’d use it. Sigh. I think it such a cool concept and if you live in a cold climate, this seems to be a great idea.

Prime Purchase #3

The only clothing item I purchased this month was this blouse. After seeing it on Megan from Honey We’re Home I thought I’d go for it. However, in person the colors were not as vibrant and the print was a little too loud for me so it went back.



Prime Purchase #4

One of these days I will finally make peace with the fact my fine, straight hair is limp and always will be – especially since I live in a humid climate. But until then, I keep purchasing things like these velcro rollers. I think if the humidity here wasn’t so bad they could be my thing but since it is my reality, I returned them.

velcro rollers


Prime Purchase #5

Finally, something I kept! Prime purchase #5 was this book. I thought it would be a great gift idea to give to my husband for Valentine’s Day. We have been reading the question of the day at dinner and discussing. Even after almost 30 years together, we are learning some thins we never knew!

A Year of Us Couples Journal


Prime Purchase #6

This purchase was book number three for the month! Shelbee mentioned that her dad used to read this to her when she was a kid. Here I thought I knew all of the great Dr. Seuss books but I was wrong. I will use this for my work with kids who have anxiety. Can you ever have enough Dr. Seuss in your life? I think not.

Dr. Seuss book


Prime Purchase #7

Purchase #7 includes two products, this tea and this cup. I saw it on Tik Tok and had to have this beautiful set. The cup is great for those who enjoy loose leaf teas. Have you ever tried this tea before? It has a very mild flavor but it’s so pretty that I have made it an afternoon treat!

Prime Purchase #8

Purchase number 8 will hopefully help me corral my closet. Once again I was influenced by The Preppy Empty Nester. I swear, these are just what I needed – they hold a ton and I love that they are soft sided.

Prime Purchase #9

Remember the pink buffet piece I shared a few weeks ago? We needed a few knobs and of course, Amazon came to the rescue.

Prime Purchase #10

The only thing I have on auto ship with Prime is Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner. I use it once a week and like it so much- I always use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner as well.

Prime Purchase #11

The one purchase my husband made this month was these markers. I have no idea why he needed them but my guess is that the convenience of Amazon won him over!

Prime Purchase #12

Gold hoops area wardrobe staple when it comes to accessories. I bought a pair last October when I was in Nashville. Shortly after arriving home I lost the back to one of the earrings. Try as I may, I have been unable to find a back that keeps the earring in my ear! I am so afraid of losing one that I am not wearing them as much as I’d like. My friend Amy shared these and so did another blogger, Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles.

Prime Purchase #13

My final purchase was this primer. Dawn from Just Doing My Best recommended it on her YouTube Channel. While most women my age complain about dry skin, mine is oily – and so is Dawn’s! She said this was a great one and I cannot wait to try it.

That’s a warp on this month’s Prime purchases. Have you primed anything special lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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