Pink Pant Suit for Spring

Pink lovers like myself are all kinds of excited that the color is trending for Spring. This means all the retailers are showcasing this fun and happy shade. Today I am sharing two pink pant suit sets for Spring, the best way I know to wear this trendy color in a classy and sophisticated way!

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

The versatility of a pant suit can’t be beat, you can wear the pieces together or separate to maximize the styling potential. I’ll keep the pieces together today but you can let your imagination run wild with how you could wear these pieces individually!

Old Navy Pink Pant Suit

Old Navy is definitely improving in quality. This pink pant suit is in the color Flower Trail. Online it isn’t nearly as pretty as it is in person. The pieces are sold separately, I ordered the Extra High- Waisted Pleated Taylor Wide-Leg Trouser in a medium, the rib knit cropped tank in a medium, and the crepe suit blazer in a small. I paid $138.43 for the three pieces.

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

Express Pant Suit

Express does jackets, blazers, and trousers so well. The color, neon berry, is beautiful! I ordered the one button cinched boyfriend blazer in a small, the Editor mid rise relaxed trousers in a size 6 and the cotton blend Portofino shirt in a small. The shirt and blazer worn together seemed to overwhelm my frame so I wore a white cami for these photos. I paid $298.20 for the three pieces I ordered from Express.

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

Which is Better

The quality of the Express pieces far surpasses the Old Navy suit. However, the Old Navy suit is a good value and the pieces don’t look cheap, it’s just hard to compare them with Express. The Express blazer has a cinched waist so you can create a more flattering silhouette. I didn’t really do that in my photos – I cinched it slightly but could have gone for more. The jacket and pants from Express are both crepe while the Old Navy pieces are a polyester blend.

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

The pants from both sets are wide leg but the Express pair is wider. They are also much longer. I was hoping to be able to wear these suits with a white sneaker – such a trendy look right now and a great way to wear a suit casually.

Pink Pant Suit for Spring

For me, the color of the Express suit was my favorite and if the pants were a little slimmer I could see myself loving the suit on me. The Portofino shirt in the same neon berry color looked great with the pants in my opinion. Tucked or untucked, I liked this better than with the jacket.

Pink Pant Suit for Spring
Pink Pant Suit for Spring


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Did you feel like my photos were crooked? Well, they are. I am taking my own photos now and apparently the tripod was tilted. I had 10 minutes to take all these photos and I thought once I cropped them I could straighten them. Anyway, I hope no one suffers from vertigo after reading this and I thank you for being here. Somedays I feel like I am on top of the world and I have it all together. Most days it seems like the wheels are falling off!

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