Perfectly Imperfect

Oh Monday, you came all too soon! Wonderful weekends like the one we just had have me anxious for the end of the school year. There are 12 school days left here but who’s counting? Apparently me! Glad you’re joining me today for a Mother’s Day weekend wrap up that’s all about the perfectly imperfect plans I sometimes have. Let me just start by saying I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day;I know it may not be an easy day for everyone but I hope you were able to feel love, remember love, and give love to those around you.

I should also tell you that as cliche as it may sound the best Mother’s Day gift for me is the health of my children. You see, 17 years ago when my youngest was just 6 weeks old and my oldest just two we had a scare that put it all in perspective. We had gone to church that Mother’s Day and came home to relax. My oldest, Nolan, felt a little warm so we took his temperature and sure enough he had a fever. We gave him Tylenol and he crawled up on the couch and napped. My husband was on the couch next to him and I was on the glider nearby with our younger son, Collin. We had all dozed off when all of a sudden we woke up to Nolan having a seizure, he had never had one before. My husband grabbed him and I jumped up with the baby and called 911. Within minutes a fire truck, ambulance, and another rescue truck arrived and our family room was full of paramedics. We spent the rest of the day and night at the hospital. Turned out to be a virus that caused a febrile seizure. We felt blessed that our son was okay but it was scary. The very next year our younger son had a stomach virus on Mother’s Day that landed him in the hospital a few days later. He became dehydrated and spent 24 hours with an IV. So pretty much any Mother’s Day that doesn’t involve a hospital visit or stay is okay in my book!

You’ll laugh when I tell you that both of my boys actually had colds this weekend, and yes, I ask myself what’s the deal with sickness and Mother’s Day in this house, lol! We kicked off the weekend with a happy hour at one of my very favorite restaurants, Mitchell’s Seafood Market. They have a great happy hour menu and we were able to sit outside which we won’t be able to do much longer. For reference it’s been around 95 degrees. As much as I miss the days when my boys were little it’s very nice having two designated drivers to chauffeur us around!

Saturday was shopping day! Remember my Mother’s Day wishlist? We decided to go shopping so I could decide what Vionics I preferred and try to make that list a reality. Our older son, Nolan, accompanied us because he loves to shop. Our younger son, Collin, spent the day in bed nursing his cold/allergies with the hope that by doing so he’d perk up later. We had plans to go out to dinner and then head to the beach on Sunday. But let’s get back to the shopping, I need a pair to wear to the beach and you know I wanted this pair!  After trying on a few pair I ended up with:

I loved the espadrilles and my husband liked them too but they weren’t as comfortable as the block heel pair. Unfortunately I had to order the heels because they didn’t have my size so I should have them soon. I tried them on in black so I know how good they feel!  I promise you’ll see me wearing them just as soon as they arrive. So yes,I had planned on one pair and ended up with another!

Our next stop was Loft,my husband and son just love going there, lol. At this point Nolan left us to head to his stores. I was hoping to snag the shorts I tried on the other day but since we were at a different mall and a different store I found some new loves! Here’s what I chose:

I think the gingham shorts are going to be so versatile, and I am a sucker for anything gingham. The white top is adorable,my only concern is being able to tie the back!

Last week I mentioned the sale at Accessory Concierge. Since my Mother’s Day wishlist included a turquoise necklace I took advantage of the sale and ordered this one.I love it!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with my parents. Collin didn’t feel up to going so he stayed home. At this point I texted my friend to tell her there was a good chance we’d be skipping the beach. And as luck would have it that’s exactly what happened. We traded our trip to the beach for a visit to the walk in clinic with Collin. Turns out he has bronchitis so we made the right call. My husband and I just chuckled, really, what in the world is it about our kids getting sick on Mother’s Day? They really are generally healthy but it’s kinda crazy, right?

Guess what? I don’t even care about missing the beach. Sure it would have been nice but I am happy to be home with my boys. Spending the day by the pool, playing cards together may not have been our initial plan but it’s just what the doctor ordered (literally!).

Did you take advantage of the sale at Loft? Or for that matter any of the great sales in honor of Mother’s Day? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and can appreciate those times when things are perfectly imperfect! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!


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