Our First Time!

IMG_0476So here we are friends, our first time appearing on the blog and together no less!  Here’s our thought – we are two friends who love fashion, with two different body types.  We love a good fitting pair of jeans but they need to be affordable, can you relate?  We hope so because today we are putting it out there!

Skinny jeans are all the rage and they are so versatile.  They are the perfect jean for any body type, the key however, is to finding the right pair.  To find ours we both turned to Nordstrom.  We love having options and we love free shipping and free returns- Nordstrom fits the bill every dang time!  But why order online and not in store?  Well, the lighting and the mirrors in fitting rooms are typically not that flattering.  And trying on in the comfort of your own home has even more benefits, think having different shoe options, tops, accessories – you know, the stuff you live in so you can see if you really want the jeans you’re trying on to join your wardrobe.  Plus you can order different brands in different sizes and do all the trying on and decision making in your own home in your own time!

So without further adieu, here we go!

Here we are in our chosen jeans.

So this blonde, Kellyann, chose Vigoss Jagger jeans from Nordstrom.  And here’s why, they are super comfortable and stretchy, they are high rise (no muffin top) and a darker wash.  The price point was great, under $40!  A word of caution when ordering online, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and read the reviews.  That is so helpful when it comes to ordering the right size.  These Vigoss Jagger jeans run big and I ordered two full sizes down from my normal size to get the right fit.  Sadly, this style is no longer available but we’ve linked some great alternatives.

Well…..this blonde chose the Wit and Wisdom jeans from Nordstrom as well….as you can see, I am the curvy blonde so I need jeans that have some stretch and don’t ride down-worst feeling EVER!!! I am wearing the girlfriend jeans and yes, I know they can’t really be worn at work, but I love wearing these out because they are comfy and the pockets are GREAT!!! I agree with Kellyann that NO ONE should have muffin top and the reason I took a chance on these jeans is because I read the reviews!!!! These are my go-to jeans!!!!

These are Diane’s EXACT jeans!  Love!
So there’s our biggest post to date and you finally got to see the blondes behind the blog!  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!
Fashionably yours,
Diane & Kellyann


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