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Hi friends and happy Monday!

We returned from our week long cruise yesterday and what a cruise it was! I’ll have a wrap up all about it on Wednesday.  Before I left for my trip I prepared this post to share with you.  I’m still trying to collect my thoughts on our vacation and figuring out what you’d like to know about.

I found this adorable OTS dress at Kohl’s a few weeks ago while I was out shopping for Father’s Day gifts.  Dang you Kohl’s for putting this dress right where I could see it on my way to the restroom!  Honestly I didn’t really want to buy myself anything but this  dress  kinda called out to me.




















See what I mean? It’s cute, right? And how about the color? Did I mention it was on sale and I had 30% off? Yup, Kohl’s gets me every time. Something else that get me every time? The wind. Yes, I had to hold it down while we were taking pictures because the wind picked up as soon as I went outside for pictures #wellplayedmothernature. I wore an old necklace that has brown beads and tortoise shell beads along with my favorite leopard cuff and my Vionics.

I decided to show a little more love to my Vionics today.  You may remember back in March when I went to the podiatrist about my foot pain.  He told me I needed to wear these and so I did. What a difference they’ve made for me. He also told me I needed surgery to fix my bunions (btw, that word totally grosses me out). At the urging of a co-worker I got a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon. He looked at my x-rays and advised against surgery. Seems my bunions (there’s that gross word again) aren’t that bad and the pain in the ball of my foot is being caused by irritation from shoes I’ve worn as well as my long toes. It’s basically a physics problem according to him and having surgery would cause me more pain. My husband and I agree that if a man who makes his living performing surgery doesn’t advise surgery then I should listen. So, until the pain is gone which may take some time I need to be gentle with my foot. Basically that’s impossible since I walk on it but it hurts to go barefoot and I’ve decided not to run for awhile. I have been living in these and these. These heels have been a Godsend to me! I can handle other shoes on a very limited basis but for right now I am so grateful to have found Vionics because they have made a world of difference for me. Maybe they can help you.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I wish all of you the very best!  I hope your celebrations are safe and fun.  God bless the USA!



Shop Vionics here:
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