November Prime Purchases

I love sharing my purchases and seeing what everyone else purchased as well. Check out the link up Tanya hosts here. This month may not be a super exciting month – not much in the way of fashion – but these are the things my family and I ordered – who knows, you might see something you like!

These old fashioned whiskey glasses are so beautiful! They feel like crystal but are dishwasher safe and a fraction of the cost. I decided it was time to have a grown up bar set – not just stemless wine glasses that I used for everything! I think these would make a terrific present!

The only clothing I ordered this month was this two piece sweatsuit. IN full disclosure this was something I was given to try and review. It is comfy and lightweight enough for my climate. I will wear it to lounge around in once our weather cools.

My son orders melatonin and papaya enzyme on the regular. The papaya enzyme is supposed to help with digestion, he’s had reflux since he was born and has always suffered.

This book was something I ordered for work. Trying to help kids adjust to the new normal isn’t easy and trying to explain in a way that isn’t too scary or anxiety provoking is tricky. This book does a good job. I’ll record myself reading it and it will be housed in our counselor resource library for our parents to use.

Fonda shared this eyelash comb a few weeks ago and I immediately ordered it. I really like it and needed this – no more clumped together eyelashes! This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

My husband ordered this paper shredder, totally not my department but he always researched things and decided on this one!

Apparently this was necessary as well!

This is a Christmas gift for one of my sons – hence the reason I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. My boys send me links to everything they’d like.

Another Christmas gift…

My husband informed me that we needed not one, but two new ladders. Amazon to the rescue!

I ordered these two lamps for our bedroom. Mercury glass is my favorite!

Finally, my son had this on his Christmas list. I have no idea what it does but it’s on the way to our house!

On my radar for this month…a few stocking stuffers for my boys. I love the idea of this solid cologne. Andrea shared it last week. Since my oldest son will be traveling for work, I think it’ll come in handy.

I also love these. Not sure if my boys will actually use them or not but I am hopeful. They have been a game changer for me!

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