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Happy Friday friends and double cheers to the weekend! I am so happy to be at home and getting settled with our son now living at home with us for awhile. Between his cleaning out his old room and purging and my constant closet clean out, we have multiple bags to drop off at Goodwill. I’ll be glad when it’s all behind us and things are neat and in order again. New & noteworthy today includes a few products as well as something I am learning.

New & Noteworthy

Somehow this year I have managed to miss my friend Tanya’s Prime Purchases link up. This weekend I am hoping to spend a little time on my editorial calendar and get myself organized. Can I be honest? I am overwhelmed. Some days I feel like I am juggling way too much and something has to give. Please accept my apologies if I am slow to respond or my commenting on your blog has dropped off – I am working, working, working. My day job requires time and effort and so does my side gig. I read and respond (eventually) to every comment on my blog, the interaction means so much to me.

What’s New

I have actually made a few good purchases from Amazon lately so I was disappointed that I didn’t get to share them with you. This striped sweater is new – bought in December and have worn it MANY times. It is really good quality, so soft and fits well. I also ordered a Lululemon belt bag – finally – but had to get it on Amazon because it was sold out everywhere else. Late to the party on that one but it will come in handy when we travel. Looks like the belt bag is re-stocked right now but it sells out very quickly in black and it is under $40. These powder puffs feel great when applying loose powder, the price cannot be beat and they come in a pack of 6.

new & noteworthy
striped sweater

It’s been super hot here (high 80’s) and I have Spring on the brain. I am LOVING all of these new pieces from Tuckernuck.

What’s Noteworthy

While I have been examining my personal style over the last 18 months or so, I have determined that I often buy things that don’t fit well. Either too tight or way too loose, I need to be more discerning when it comes to fit. It seems like I get so excited about a piece that I kind of allow things into my closet that don’t really fit and end up in my donate pile. Last week I ordered this dress in a size medium, because the small was out of stock. I was slipping back into my old behaviors of thinking “oh, it’s okay if it’s a little big, it’ll be fine” but guess what? It’s not. I don’t love it so I am returning it. This is majorly noteworthy in my book. I am no longer keeping things I don’t love!

Take a look, tell me what you think. It’s not terrible but it’s not perfect. I am NOT settling and nor should you!


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Thanks for stopping by friends, I hope you have an amazing weekend in store. I’ll see you back here on Monday!


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