New & Noteworthy – March Wrap Up

March comes to an end on a somber note as once again we mourn lives lost in a school shooting here in the US. While there is very little be said that can provide any measure of comfort, I will share my hopes and prayers. I hope and pray that decisions will be made to protect our schools – the students and staff deserve the opportunity to show up each day and fee safe. I pray that our nation can come together to make these decisions rather than argue, fight, and protest. We cannot end violence or evil with violent or evil actions. That’s all I’ll say about that as I wrap up March.

New & Noteworthy – March Wrap Up

On a lighter note – and we DO have to find joy and light regardless of the circumstances – I have a few noteworthy items to share.

  • I met my goal of reaching 10k on Instagram – finally. It has been a long, taxing road but I do not believe in giving up on goals. Thank you for your help in getting me there!
  • speaking of Instagram, last week I made this reel on the best bathing suits for women over 50. Check it out, the suits are affordable and SO GOOD.
  • My favorite account on Instagram is this one. Jordan offers courses on personal styling that tap into your feelings and beliefs about your body and how that affects your style. She offers so many free trainings that are so in depth and honestly, useful. I have taken several and I love that while you have the option of attending live through Zoom, she sends the link out later so you can watch at your leisure. Also? She is not trying to sell you any kind of clothing nor her services; she does have paid courses but certainly does not push them.
  • Last week one of my friends in my women’s group at church made this recipe. It was so good, I ate way too much of it and had to get the recipe. I think it would be great for Easter! Or honestly any day!

What’s New

New & Noteworthy
Gibsonlook Blazer
  • Gibsonlook has blazers on sale for 20% off, now that’s noteworthy! You know my love for blazers runs deep and I do enjoy Gibsonlook’s blazers. My hot pink one is 3 years old and still going strong! Use code HOPTOIT, shop here.
  • It is time for a patio refresh at my house – basically we need more comfortable seating for entertaining. I’m interested in what Wayfair has to offer – my sister bought her furniture from Wayfair and I love it! Apparently you do have to put it together, but how hard could it be? #famouslastwords I am considering these:
  • HalfTee has a sale right now, 25% off with the code EASTER. Halftees are a really good option to wear under things because they don’t add extra bulk around the midsection. I don’t wear mine everyday but I love being able to reach for one when I need it. Especially as we move into warmer weather, they will be beneficial with any kind of spaghetti strap. Since I prefer wearing a regular bra over a strapless one, these have really been a huge help.
  • Express has a sale right now too – all women’s jeans are just $49. That is an incredible price! Express has great styles and their denim is very well made. It’s like premium denim at affordable prices. Shop Express jeans here. I especially like these and these.

Wrapping It Up

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I really appreciate it so much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am hosting a birthday dinner at home tonight for our family to celebrate my son – he turned 23 on Monday. On Saturday we have our neighborhood egg hunt and Sunday is Palm Sunday at church. That leads into Holy week next week, which is a big one at church! Whew – I am exhausted just thinking about it all! Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

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