New & Noteworthy – Happy Spring!

Happy first Friday of Spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the pollen is covering everything here in Orlando and we’re all sneezing – that means only one thing- Spring has sprung! No real theme here today just a few things that caught my attention this week and made the new & noteworthy list!

New & Noteworthy – Happy Spring!

What’s Noteworthy

The week has been a busy one for me but in all the best ways. I most certainly cannot complain, I enjoy having a to do list and checking things off. One thing I checked off the list for the year was my annual body check at my dermatologist’s office. Be diligent about it, please! Skin cancer can be treated and early detection is key. I’m happy to say that for right now I have no issues. I did find out that I have a form of alopecia! Yes, alopecia. The good news is that I was given a prescription to help so I can (hopefully) keep the hair I have. I had mentioned my concerns about hair loss to my gynecologist who shrugged it off as part of getting older. So happy my dermatologist thoroughly checks every square inch of my body!

This article from Rena is gold, please give it a read. I bet you can relate because I sure can! In fact one of the things I used to tell my Weight Watchers groups was to rid themselves of the mini mall in their closets. Yes, for 15 years I was a Weight Watchers leader! Honestly, one of the best takeaways for my members was to love themselves today in order to get healthy. The logic was if you keep the larger clothes after you’ve lost the weight you are betting against yourself and saying you cannot maintain your current lifestyle. If you keep the smaller clothes, that used to fit way back when, you are punishing yourself and not allowing the possibility of being a new size that might not be that small. Allowing yourself to find a happy weight with a lifestyle you can maintain and enjoy gets thrown out the window when you are trying to squeeze into 10 year old clothing. Enough of my rant, read Rena’s article about Size Denial right here.

One last item to note. This dress is back in stock. I bought mine last year and it sold out quickly. It is worth every penny because it is so well made! It also comes in lots of colorways! Compare it to this more expensive version.

Black Amazon Dress
New & Noteworthy
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What’s New

I started the week off by buying a spray tan package at South Beach Tan. It’s been years since I did this and I had forgotten how nice it is to have all over color. My friend Amy recently wrote about her experience and it jogged my memory. Have you had one?

spray tan
new & noteworthy

Spring means sandal season for me. I bought this pair and love them for every day use. They have a kitten heel, making them the type of shoe that can easily be dressed up or down. They run TTS and if you know, you know, Vionics are honestly the best shoe for any type of foot issue. Also? Highly recommend for my teacher friends.

New & Noteworthy

Denim jackets are always in style and during this ‘transitional’ period they come in handy. I bought this longer length jacket from Chico’s after stalking it for some time. It is on sale and I am in love.

Chicos Denim Jacket
New & Noteworthy

Speaking of stalking, this blouse is on my list. I think it would be perfect for so many pieces I own already and I love the gingham print in the classic color combo! Right now JCrew has a sale – code SHOPNOW earns you 25% off your purchase!

Here are a few more button ups I love at JCREW for Spring!


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We have a few things going on this weekend including a Chicago tribute band concert on Saturday night. On Sunday my husband and son fly up to New York for an open house at Columbia! My son is really struggling with this decision, please pray for him as he weighs his options – thank you!

I wish for each and every one of you a very peaceful and happy weekend! Thank you so very much for stopping by, it means so much to me!

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