New in November

The first Friday in November is here and I’m flabbergasted at how quickly time is passing. Halloween decor is coming down and the halls are being decked everywhere – well, not at my house just yet. The next few weeks will be crammed with all the things from our trip to Greece, Thanksgiving, and then the final push to the winter break from school. Throw in there a college graduation too and its sure to be a wild ride. I’m not complaining, everything on my calendar is positive – all good vibes. So allow me to share with or what’s New in November.

New in November

I’ve got lots to share in November. Starting with a little bit of cooler weather – well it lasted two days. I thought the above meme was funny! The minute the temps drop we whip out the coats, hats, and sweaters! That had me excited while it lasted. Besides that I’ve got some great sleepwear, silver accessories, and what I bought at the Sephora sale.

New in November: The BEST Cooling Pajamas

It was a great pleasure to partner with Lusome on an Instagram collaboration. But I was blown away by just how well these pajamas worked so I had to share them over here too. Lusome has created luxurious pajamas with a special technology that not only wicks away moisture but it actually dissipates heat and helps maintain optimal body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. They are also very attractive and soft. I cannot believe they do what they say they do – really! I have a discount code that is good until December 31 for 20% off – THISBLONDE. They would make a GREAT gift!

I’m wearing the Ginger Cami in a medium and the Donna pants in a medium as well.

New Accessories

I am very happy with my gold toned accessories from Amazon. But, silver is on trend this year and I bought myself some silver pants! I KNOW!!! Wild, right? I love them but needed to exchange them for another size. However, I realized I needed some silver accessories so I purchased my favorite earrings in silver as well as this belt.

This picture was going in the scrap pile but I wanted to give you a little glimpse of the silver goodness coming soon to this space!

New Concealer

For over a year now I have been wearing mostly drug store make up – and I really like it! It’s gotten to the point that I have dropped rewards levels at both Sephora and Ulta. I’m just not shopping there as often. However, I recently needed a new concealer and I was in Sephora so I tried this one. I LOVE it. I have already used one tube and just re-purchased during the sale.

I like it so much because it does a better job of covering my dark areas and doesn’t crease as easily. It seems to stay put and it is moisturizing. It has caffeine and hyaluronic acid and maybe that makes the difference. Kosas is also a clean beauty brand!

The Worst Part of November for Me

This week marks the 4th anniversary of my beloved niece’s untimely death. It still shakes me to the core. My long time readers remember how hard 2019 was for my family. My dad died in February, 2019 and then my most precious and beloved girl. To say I miss her every day is an understatement.

I share this not for sympathy but for as a cautionary tale. You may have noticed the uptick in popularity of shows like Dopesick and Painkiller. My family lived that nightmare after Ashley (a professional dancer) was injured. Please do what you can to avoid a similar situation from happening to your family and friends.

That wraps up what’s new in November! I hope you enjoyed this and that you have a great weekend ahead of you!

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