New Gingham

Gingham is one of my very favorites and anytime I’m shopping I am drawn to it. I have curated quite the collection however, the majority of it seems to be black and white gingham. So this season I made a promise to myself to only purchase gingham in colors other than black and white. Enter this fabulous new gingham top (on ridiculous sale right now) of mine! When I spotted it on one of my very favorite bloggers here I knew I had to have it! I ordered it and within a few days it was in my closet! The little black string you see on my left shoulder? Yeah, that’s the garment hanger that’s sewn into the top. Why is it black? I need to cut it out because I don’t think I’ll have a problem keeping it on the hanger. Why didn’t my husband notice this? Good question. Probably because he was too busy cracking jokes about how gingham goes with everything. Yes, lucky me, I married a comedian. Sigh.

A few things to keep in mind when you feel inspired by a photo online. Like me you may feel overwhelming lust for an item but will it work on you? It’s risky business for me when, like in this case, the blogger has a very different body type than mine. I couldn’t be 100% sure this top would look good on me but I knew it could be returned. So the lesson here is go for it but buyer beware! Make sure you can return the item easily if it doesn’t love you back!

While I have plans to wear this gingham top other ways, I decided the first order of business was to pair it with my white denim. Even though my gingham top is light blue I wore a turquoise beaded necklace with a hot pink druzy pendant. My new wedges were the natural choice for footwear!

This is a great new addition to my gingham collection. The ruffled sleeves are fabulous without being too over the top. The quality is great and the price? Amazing. I had it shipped to my local JCPenney for pick up so I didn’t have to pay shipping. Thinking of getting it for yourself?  I’m wearing it in a medium for size reference.

Are you as crazy as me over gingham? This top is perfect for Spring! Check out the tab at the top of the page for the link ups I participate in and if you haven’t already done so, please sign up to follow me by email! I appreciate you stopping by today!

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