New and Noteworthy – Best Dress for Travel

Happy Friday, friends! Those of us in the US observed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday on Monday and most had the day off. My very favorite quote from MLK:

Now, I feel that is definitely noteworthy! I have heard myself repeat it to students who are angry and want to retaliate when they feel they’ve been wronged. It is so powerful and true.

New and Noteworthy – Best Dress for Travel

The quote may have been noteworthy but this next item is new! I am calling this the best dress for travel but honestly you can wear it anytime!

When you think of what to pack when you travel, you probably think of easy, no fuss items. Me too! I like packing things that don’t wrinkle and are easy to care for; meaning no dry cleaning. Well, I believe I have found the best dress for travel, it’s from Clara Sunwoo and it’s a beauty!

Dress || Boots|| Jacket

I have noticed the brand on lots of other influencers so when they contacted me I was excited! Their pieces are one of a kind, edgy yet feminine and made right here in the USA. Clara Sunwoo is a mother-daughter team and I love what designers from different generations offer creatively. Their signature fabric is a poly blend that is buttery soft and silky AND it is cooler than cotton or linen. I think I need everything in this fabric! #notkidding

Clara Sunwoo Black  Dress
Dress || Boots

This dress travels well because it does not wrinkle, washes easily and dries super quickly. The fabric is soft and the cut is so flattering. It can be dressed up or down and I can see myself wearing it with flat sandals in warm weather. I have a code – of course I do – KELLYANN10. Stellar quality and craftmanship from Clara Sunwoo!

I am wearing an XS in this dress, I’ll say the sizing is generous. The slit is 10 inches, not too high on my 5’5″ frame. Honestly, we shot these photos mere minutes after the package arrived. So when I tell you this fabric is fuss free, I mean it!

Clara Sunwoo Black  Dress
Dress || Boots

Outfit Ideas

On Wednesday I shared three outfit ideas on Instagram featuring my faux leather leggings from Aerie. I shopped my closet and put together three new outfits I had not worn before and thought you might like to see them as well. My leggings are old but they still make this crackle faux leather, they’ve updated the style slightly by adding a crossover detail at the waist (like the ones I shared last week).

What’s New in My Life

Next week we are leaving on Wednesday night to go to Nashville. Our son has lived there for 2 years and is now coming back to Orlando! Just for a bit, possibly only 6 months, before he moves again. He is very fortunate to have a job he can do just about anywhere as his company has locations almost all over! The visit will be a quick one – we arrive late Wednesday night and plan on hitting the road early Saturday morning but I am beyond happy about it!


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The same son just turned 25 yesterday! I can still hardly believe it was 25 years ago I gave birth to him. It is true what they say about the days being long but the years being short. Thank goodness for Creative Memories! Anyone remember those albums? They are among my most cherished possessions!

We have plans this weekend to see a friend of mine I haven’t hung out with in quite some time. I can hardly wait to see her and meet the new man in her life! I’m also hoping to get together with our best friends to celebrate a birthday, so fingers crossed that works out.

One of the things I really look forward to on the weekends are my long walks. I walkabout 5- 5.5 miles and listen to podcasts. I so enjoy the quiet time and the chance to reflect on life. Alone time is crucial for me, how about you?

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being here today. It really means so much to me!

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