Never Will I Ever

I learned a long time ago that there are very few things that I can honestly I will never do or like. I’ll blame my Gemini birth sign for that! So when The Blended Blog chose this theme I chuckled because all I can think of are the times I swore I disliked something so much I’d NEVER buy or wear it and now I am not only the proud owner of said items I actually encourage others to give them a try!

My most recent change of heart came in the form of my wedge sneakers. When they hit the scene a few years ago I thought they were ugly and ridiculous. Now? I own one pair and want another pair. I felt the same way about white boots. Then I became obsessed and tried several pair before settling on my beloved.#WedgeSneakers#WhiteBootsOutfit

There are a few things I know for sure won’t work for me like cropped shirts and the infamous bamboo bag. The cropped shirt thing will never work on me because there’s no way I want to bare my midsection. The bamboo bag? I am too clumsy and imagine carrying it and not only bumping into people and things with it but I see myself crushing it. I’m not even kidding. But in no way do I judge others who enjoy these trends. Over 50 and you can rock a crop top? You go girl! Love your bamboo bag? Enjoy it just don’t let me hold it, ha!
So Monday afternoon I had my husband snap these photos of what I wore for the day. It says comfort from head to toe! Not only are my wedge sneakers the best but these joggers are the softest pants I have ever put on. I never believe it when I hear someone say that but in this case it’s true. They are from Loft and they’re the Lou & Grey brand. #WedgeSneakers
In keeping with the theme of “Never Would I Ever” I added my leopard booties (similar). Because if you would have told me a few years ago that I’d be dressing up a pair of joggers I would have said, “NO way!”#DressedUpJoggersI actually really like this whole look! Leopard makes everything more interesting and my love of gingham knows no bounds! This black gingham shirt will work for me year round!#GinghamandLeopardMy favorite long cardigans are from Old Navy. They are the perfect weight for my climate and I love the pockets!#LeopardBooties

I guess I have learned over the years not to judge a book by its cover. Also? The more I see of something the more I learn to appreciate it. Seriously I am a marketer’s dream – expose me to something enough times and I am hooked! How about you?

Thanks for stopping by today, I honestly appreciate it! Don’t forget to link up with The Blended Blog or our host for today Shaunacey over at Simply Shaunacey. Take a look at our February prompts, I hope you’ll play along!

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