Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking of Mother’s Day gifts! Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your own mother, or a mother figure in your life, it helps to have some ideas that are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face!

First and foremost, I bet I speak on behalf of all moms when I say the thing we want most if the gift of time. Time spent with our families, uncomplicated and unrushed. Just enjoyment! That is probably why eating out has become so popular. The only problem with that is that it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy conversation with everyone at the table. I prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering. What I actually prefer is dinner at my house where we can relax and soak up our time together! The gift of time will always be number one on my list of Mother’s Day gift ideas!

As far as other gift ideas go, I like finding something that feels a bit splurge worthy – the kind of thing you don’t buy for yourself easily. I mentioned Print Fresh pajamas on Friday. Either a robe, night gown, or pair of pajamas in 100% cotton and beautiful and striking prints would put a smile on anyone’s face!

An Apple watch is another splurge worthy gift. Finding fun bands to coordinate with different outfits adds to the fun!

Since my father passed a way in 2019, my mother has been on more of a budget and that means at the holidays, I try to get her things I know she needs or wants but won’t spend the money on. Like shoes and clothes for herself. My mom is always doing for others and will spend her money on her family before herself. I know she’d love a pair of summer sandals and has admired my Mila sandals from Jambu, seen here. You can still use my code TBSBS22 for 20% off through May 23. Affordable, comfortable, and stylish for mom and me, the Mila sandal is a great gift idea.

My sister usually gets my mother a gift card to Chico’s. Sometimes I chip in as well and I know she enjoys shopping. But other times I like to pick out the pieces I think she needs. My mother has always been a sale rack shopper but sometimes you don’t get what you need for the current season when you’re shopping clearance. So a pair of shorts or my favorite no-iron shirt would be a welcomed wardrobe addition she could enjoy now and through summer.

Shirt || Shorts || Sandals

A digital picture frame like this one, would also make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want photos of her family in digital form and I have heard so many great reviews of the Aura frame.

If you’re looking for just a little something for mom, how about a daily devotional? I am enjoying this one. I started it this year and it has become a favorite.

Perfume and candles are usually pretty popular too. Especially if you know what perfume she likes best or would like to try. I burn candles all the time so I can never have too many, I bet your mom is the same way!

Personalized gifts are always a hit and definitely let mom know you were intentional in your gift giving! A monogrammed Barrington tote, personalized stationary, or a monogrammed necklace top my list of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

I know cards for some people seem silly and irrelevant but I always enjoy the sweet sentiments written in them. I love going to the Dollar Tree and grabbing a card and then adding sweet and heartfelt words. All of the cards my kids have given me over the years are cherished; I keep them all.

Of course this is just a list of my ideas and you may have more! Maybe plants are your mom’s love language or there’s something else you know she’s had her eye on. Whatever it is, I know if it is given with love it will be received that way. I also know that this holiday may not be an easy one for all; maybe it’s a strained or fractured relationship, maybe there’s illness or loss. Whatever the case may be please know that I am praying for you and I do not take your suffering lightly. It may be a day you just try to get through and that is okay; I hope you can find some joy for yourself however small that may be. Perhaps a memory or a new tradition – whatever the case may be, I hope you find peace.


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