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Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I’m in a bit of a conundrum. You see, a few weeks ago I posted (here) what I planned to wear for Thanksgiving. Remember that pretty floral dress? Yeah, me too. It would be perfect to wear to my sister’s home to enjoy a delicious dinner surrounded by all the people I love. Well, just like our weight changes after the holidays so do the best laid plans! We are now headed to my brother in law’s family’s farm for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a nice piece of property with a pavilion, a lake for fishing, cows, and a small house. There will be a crowd of us so we’ll be using the pavilion. Did I mention it’s supposed to rain? And the hits keep coming…

Clearly I need to make some modifications to the outfit. This week was a one day work week, which I am highly in favor of btw, and I was thinking what I wore to work might end up being what I wear for Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty simple and casual outfit. My grey jeans, a white tee , waterfall cardigan (here or here), infinity scarf, and slip on sneakers (similar) are sure to keep me comfortable. If it gets too warm I can take off the waterfall cardigan. Most likely what I end up wearing with be something very similar to this outfit. See? I have no problem rolling with the changes, I mean honestly I’m about as flexible as peanut brittle, am I right?

All kidding aside, I am thrilled to be with my family and extended family at Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and I am counting my blessings. Just for fun I thought I’d share the picture taken back in 1998 (I thought it was 1999 but that was wrong, I was pregnant with Collin in 1999) so you all could see my poor fashion choices.

I am super thankful to be home from work this week to enjoy my family. As I sit here typing I am listening to Nolan playing Wii bowling with my 12 year old niece Carly in the other room. I picked her up early this morning so we could make bath bombs, do a little baking, and a little shopping for Christmas decorations. Nolan and Collin joined us for lunch at Chipotle and I am just over the moon happy to be able to have lunch with them. Our kitchen reno is almost done, the last few items are being addressed and I cannot wait to share it with you! The best part? In this moment I want for nothing, my heart is full and happy, I hope yours is too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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