Merry, Bright, and Finding Joy!

Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s edition of The Blended Blog Monday prompts. Today we’re talking all things merry, bright, and what brings you joy!

This year I feel so much more joy than usual. There are a few contributing factors like the fact that my dad is still with us (we never thought he’d make it to Christmas) and each day when I wake up I thank God that my dad is still alive. After weeks of crying about my dad’s condition I have made a concerted effort to stop mourning someone who is still alive and instead choose joy!grieving

Honestly another reason I feel so much joy this year is my job. I started working from home in January as a school counselor for a virtual elementary school. It’s been a great fit and for the first time in 15 years I am not stressed at the holidays. As the school counselor I was always charged with the duty of finding Thanksgiving dinners for needy families at our school and then also providing Christmas for them. While it always felt great to deliver the goods it was stressful to organize. With that off my plate I am finding other ways to give back to our community and spread joy! I’ll be sharing how in a later post!
Material things bring me joy too – I love waking each morning to my Christmas decor and the twinkle lights give me reason to smile. I enjoy buying presents I know will bring a smile to the receiver’s face and I get an inordinate amount of joy sending and receiving Christmas cards. Bright, happy colors bring me joy and so does a good deal, so of course in true fashion blogger style I have to share my new dress from Amazon!#wrap dressA wrap dress looks great on every figure and this one is such a pretty color. I wore it with black boots but when spring rolls around a strappy sandal will work too!#wrap dressI have a confession to make.I forgot I had these earrings on! I would never wear them with this dress and the necklace I am wearing. Honestly I forgot they were in my ears because they are so lightweight! So pretend you don’t see them, okay?#wrap dressThe dress is by Lark & Ro and I am wearing a medium. Get the dress here and here in plus sizes.

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