Mentioning the Unmentionables

After just over two years of blogging I thought it was high time to start broaching more sensitive topics like the “unmentionables”. Rest assured there will be no pictures of me in them! #thankheaven

When it comes to looking good and feeling good in your clothing foundation garments have to play a prominent role. Finding the right size bra and decent underwear would probably be your first stop while adding shape wear might come a little later. Is shape wear necessary? I dunno, it depends. What I do know is this: shape wear should be worn to help you look better in clothing that already fits NOT to help you wear clothing that DOES NOT fit already. I hope that makes sense.

I have discussed bras in the past and I’ve shared a little about the importance of finding a good bra and getting properly sized. It depends on your size but for me I am looking for all the right support and that means everything has to be held in. Get a proper fitting by a professional at least once a year – more if you experience a significant change in weight.

Underwear is another story. I realized just last year that I hadn’t actually really purchased underwear in years! Victoria’s Secret kept me well supplied with coupons for free pairs or I’d pick up a pair here or there because they were cute and went with a bra I was getting. But really thinking about underwear and what to purchase just wasn’t something I did. I came to this realization when I was cleaning out drawers – I had so many underwear, most I never wore. I made the decision to get rid of anything that didn’t really work for me on any given day and be more purposeful in my purchases. There are two criteria underwear must meet: they must be comfortable (no riding up , etc.) and there must be no visible panty lines. I immediately purchased a few pair from Victoria’s Secret after a Youtuber/Blogger I follow recommended them and while they were okay I felt like they never stayed put – ya know what I mean? I reached my limit a few weeks ago when I decided I had had enough and I finally broke down and ordered these. I had been skeptical because of the one size but let me tell you they are everything and more! So comfortable, they don’t budge, and there are NO visible panty lines! I am slowly purchasing more and more of them and I am throwing out all my old ones.They come in thong style, hipster briefs, and bikini. The best value is to get the multi pair and you can mix and match your styles. Definitely worth it!

I have amassed quite the collection of shapewear over the years. None of which I wear. Crazy, right? Here’s the problem. I read about it, hear about it, see it on tv – it promises smoothness as well a whole host of other miracles yet I don’t enjoy it. Honestly I feel like an old lady putting it on. Then there’s the heat factor. I live in a hot and HUMID climate so any extra layer makes it that much more difficult to stay cool. If I wore something that seemed to require shapewear I would throw it aside and choose something else because i never quite felt confident in it. If I wore the boy short style of Spanx I felt like my tummy bulged over the top. Then I had to add a camisole to help solve that problem. The camisole would sometimes ride up while the boy shorts would ride down and leave me with a not-so-pretty belt of skin around the middle. On top of that I was hot. No thank you!

Here’s where things get better though. About a month ago I heard of Ruby Ribbon for the first time. Then Shelbee shared her experiences with it here In my comment to her I mentioned my interest and within minutes I heard from Carol, a Ruby Ribbon Stylist. What attracted me was the promise of a cami that smoothed and offered enough support that a bra was no longer necessary. Whaaaaaat??? Sounded too good to be true. Thanks to a special band at the bottom, the camis don’t ride up – they actually stay put! I ordered one immediately and while the first one didn’t quite offer the support I was looking for the second one did. I’m including some pictures with me in my new lace, full support cami so you can see what it looks like under clothing.

I thought it might be good for you to see it while I was wearing a white tee. I sure do wish the pictures were better but it’s been raining non-stop for the last week.
Are they pricey? Yes, but if you consider you don’t need a bra then that makes a big difference. A really good supportive bra is expensive and I think well worth it. If you aren’t wearing a good foundation even the best clothes are not going to look right. So spending some money on your foundation garments is a good investment.

So when it comes to mentioning the unmentionables, do you have any favorite products? I’d love to know!

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