May Prime Purchases

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared what I bought on Amazon. But I’m back today to link up with Tanya for what I consider the best link up around! I just love seeing what everyone found. Frankly, we had some pretty boring purchases so I’ll spare you the mundane (I’m looking at YOU water filters) but there were a few things worth sharing, read on if you’re interested in my May Prime Purchases.

May Prime Purchases

Even though I love my travel make up/toiletry bag I finally broke down and bought this make up brush organizer bag. What attracted me to it was the fact that it folds down and becomes a holder for the brushes so it can stay on the counter – no more digging in my bag.

These next two are inexpensive necklaces I am layering. Listen, I am swooning over the really pretty (and expensive) versions I am seeing all over social media but I am not willing to spend a lot on the look. I think this is a super trendy style but it’s a lot of fun and perfect for summer! Layer the beaded necklace with your zodiac sign gold tone necklace all for under $40.

My favorite purchase is this sweater shawl. I saw someone on Tik Tok share an expensive version of this and I almost pulled the trigger. However, this one is fabulous and I will most likely buy it in another color.

Anyone who takes selfies, makes reels, loves a good group photo needs this Octomag. It works with your mag safe phone and the tiny suction cups stick to glass. No tripod needed and it’s under $12!

I repurchased my favorite contour stick in Where’s Walnut, my low acid coffee, and the magnesium glycinate I take every night. My husband buys Dove bodywash on Prime because he likes this formula and cannot find it in any store – we think it may be discontinued.

Stand Out Prime Purchase from April

I didn’t post my April purchases because I barely bought anything. So weird for me. But the one stand out prime purchase I made was this set of bed sheet organizers. All I can say is that this is a game changer! I swear, this is genius and even my husband was impressed! I should have taken a before and after photo of my linen closet but I didn’t. Anyway, this is such a nice way to organize the sheets and know exactly what you have!

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