March Favorites

Friday never comes soon enough for me. I feel like if I blink it’ll be April. So before we set our clocks ahead one hour this weekend, and inch even closer to the official start of Spring, it’s time to share March favorites!

Favorite #1

We are less than a week from St. Patrick’s Day and I am loving all the festiveness. My favorite from last week was attending the Winter Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade. My husband and I met my mother and my 5 year old niece there. The weather was beautiful and it was so much fun! With so much heaviness in the world right now it was nice to enjoy the fun of a parade.

Favorite #2

My Shake Your Shamrocks tee is another March favorite. I’m crazy about the color and the fact that it has a v-neck (so much more flattering). It is such a good quality t-shirt too, I highly recommend if you are looking for something festive!

I should also say these jeans are a favorite too – they are honestly so flattering and comfortable! They don’t stretch out and run TTS.

Tee || Denim || Belt

Favorite #3

The most wonderful mail arrived last week – remember when I mentioned looking for the artist who created this angel painting? Well, my cousin had one made for me! The artist can be found on Etsy and I’d say this is the perfect gift for anyone who has lost someone. She takes a photo and recreates it with wings of the person (or people) you’ve lost. This is my father and my niece, I lost them both in 2019.

Favorite #4

Another March favorite is this email I received from a friend who reads my blog. She loves the infamous Walmart blazer I share ad nauseam. So see? I may drone on and on about it but once you try it, you love it!

Her message:

Hey Kellyann! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying these rain and chilly temperature free days we’ve been having! I don’t know how to comment on your blog, so I’m sending you this email. I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing insight you give on your blog. I saw your post on this jacket the other day and I immediately went online and ordered both of these for $22. I can tell you the quality of these jackets is amazing;  these could easily go for $50 or $60 anywhere else. So thank you ! – Patricia 


Favorite #5

Did you catch yesterday’s post? My favorite March purchase so far has been this pair of faux leather trousers. The price is incredible and so is the fit. I will be able wear them at least a few times before the heat really turns up BUT this is a classic cut that I can wear for years.

Green Shirt + Faux leather trousers + Cap Toe Pumps

#outfitideas #fauxleather
Always with the hands on the hips, who do I think I am???

Have a great weekend friends! I know there is a lot going on in our world that is worthy of our attention and prayers, but PLEASE do your part to stay well mentally and find joy each day.

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