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Seems like a sweet forever since I shopped at Loft but I recently placed an order. I figured it might be fun to show you what I ordered and how it fit. I wanted to replace two items in my current wardrobe – my red pants and my leopard cardigan. I placed the order and the stuff trickled in. Guess what, one of the two items I most wanted was the leopard cardigan and it was left out of my order. Yes, you read that right. Left. Out. I contacted Customer Service and they had to credit my account because it was sold out!

First up let’s talk red pants. The ones I have from Loft are two years old and still in good shape. The problem is the red is not vibrant enough. I need vibrant colors! I ordered two different pairs to try. This pair on the left seemed pretty standard. I ordered it in my regular size 4. Um, Loft, if you have decided not to vanity size any longer could I please be told this up front? I’m sure it’s them and not me. The 8 pounds I gained in two weeks over the holidays has nothing to do with it. The pair on the right is also a size 4 and while I like the style better they were just too small. I ordered a size 6 because I like to breathe. Red Pants
With both of the pants I am wearing the striped utility blouse in a small. It pulls a little across the chest when I move. Not a fan of it on me but it is a darling top in person!red pantsKeeping the tie waist pants on I moved on to another striped blouse that I really liked. It’s a much more relaxed fit and apparently that is working better on my body. The plus size option is on sale for a steal! This top is going to look great with jeans, black slacks, and even shorts! striped blouseHere’s a picture of it untucked so you can see the length. And my shower. #notreallyStriped Blouse
I had my eye on this poncho and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I ordered a size xs/s. I figured it would be the perfect completer piece for column dressing. I do like the way this came together!PonchoI was absolutely bummed that my new pants hadn’t arrived by the time I was taking these photos in my bathroom. Then, just like that, they arrived in the mail! Here they are in the size 6 much better! These pants are so luxe! They are tailored so nicely and the tie/belt is removable. If you are looking for a nice pair of dress pants, I highly recommend!red pantsI also ordered this Leaf Ruffle Henley Tunic (gheesh, who came up with that name?) in a size small. I love the blouse with all of it’s feminine styling but the color is not good on me. I wish it was a little brighter or even darker but this just washes me out.Leaf Ruffle Henley Tunic

Now onto a little fun with The Blended Blog and this month’s edition of TBB Asks!
1. My oldest friend is Melodie. We met for the first time in 3rd grade, then she moved, we met up again in junior high school, and became besties in high school. I met my husband in her wedding!

2. My people? I consider myself blessed to have friendships that have lasted for years and years. Those are the girls that would drop everything in a heartbeat to be with me even if I don’t talk to them every day. I have awesome blogging friends too that you hear me rave about often! My #NashBash girls are the ones I talk to daily!

3. I met my husband in my best friend’s wedding. My best friend was marrying my husband’s best friend from college. My husband lived in PA at the time so it was a long distance relationship for a bit. It’s really a great story!

4. We usually make dinner and a special dessert. I buy candy for the boys and something for my husband. I give my husband an expensive list of things I want – ha!!! This year since we’re empty nesters #loveit we have reservations for our favorite Turkish restaurant.

5. My love language is quality time. Don’t give me gifts, give me conversation and time together. Unless you’re my husband. Then YES GIVE ME GIFTS!  That’s because we spend a lot of time together already.

6. I’ d love chocolates but flowers are nice too!

7. Gosh, this is hard.

Here are the Monday prompts:

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