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Happy Monday friends and thank you for stopping by! I’ve decided to start posting on Mondays instead of Tuesdays, I hope you enjoy starting the week with me and ending with Diane!

On Friday Diane shared her online order from Loft.  She scored some great tops!  Today I am sharing what I picked up just yesterday during Loft’s 40% off your entire purchase sale.  Interestingly enough I bought tops too, only reinforcing the notion that Diane and I really are fashion twins! Here’s the thing I hadn’t planned on shopping at Loft until the weather here cooled, but then that 40% off got to me #norestraint #suckerforagoodsale and I had $120 in gift cards and rewards cards.  I know, I know.

I’ll be honest when I walked into Loft Saturday morning on a total whim I didn’t even know about the sale.  Crazy, right?  Yup, crazy but true.  I was just sort of browsing and then I realized I kind of liked a few tops and thought hey, why not!  Now here’s something you may find surprising about me unless you know me in real life.  If the sales associates in the store aren’t busy but don’t greet me or offer to help me I won’t buy anything.  It’s just something I’ve sort of developed over the last few years, maybe because customer service is a dying art and I’ve worked retail before I feel strongly that if they don’t value my patronage then I shall take my business elsewhere.  So that’s what I did on Saturday.  I left. I considered ordering online but decided I ‘d give another local Loft a chance to earn my business and on Sunday I found success.  The store was crazy busy yet the sales associates were friendly and offered to hold my clothes while I waited in line for a fitting room.  Yes, it was that busy!

This first top is the whole reason I decided to shop.  I loved the lace detail and the sleeves.  This is a great top that can be dressed up or down.  I can wear it now and later (if Florida ever cools down) #AlGoreimsorryieverdoubtedyou #globalwarmingisforreal.  I tried it on in a small but decided to buy it in a medium.  I kinda love it!









The next top was a huge disappointment.  Ugh, I had such high hopes for this one but I felt like the material was too thin and too clingy.  I also despise any top that showcases my back fat and this baby did just that so back it went!  I tried it on in a small so maybe if I went up a size (or two) it would have been better but that thin material made it easy to pass on.








The next top was a winner.  It’s a lightweight knit and again I loved the sleeves, so pretty!  The color is like a dark teal and so rich for Fall and Winter.  It will work nicely with denim, grey, black and wait for it…burgundy.  I have a pair of burgundy pants that I can’t wait to style with this top.  I’m thinking a great scarf and some booties and BAM!  I got this top in a small.









Okay, the next top is great but these pictures just don’t do it any justice.  It is a navy sleeveless top and the front is just great!  It’s got a nice woven look.  Again this top will be versatile.  Whether worn with denim, a pencil skirt, slacks, or shorts this top is a winner.  And it’s going to look great with a jacket.  In an office environment a blazer would pair nicely.  I’m dreaming of wearing it with a cognac leather moto jacket!








This little plaid peplum number was a surprise.  I certainly didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.  Cute, cute, cute.  Too short to wear with leggings but I like that it is a little longer in the back.  Again it is lightweight so perfect for Florida weather.  I am wearing a small.  How cute is this going to be with my utility vest?  Hurry up cooler weather!









Such a fun bell sleeved top in this next picture.  Again I was surprised at how much I liked this top.  I think I would have been more likely to purchase it if I actually had somewhere to wear it but I decided I liked the other tops better so I passes.  Weighing heavily on this decision was the fact that it’s cotton and I know it would need to be ironed.  Trying it on opened my mind to wearing a bell sleeve but I think I’ll need it in a different fabric.  I think it would look great with a pencil skirt or slacks for work and it could certainly hold it’s own on for a girl’s night out or a date night. I am wearing a small.








Let’s end this haul with an epic fail.  This just made me laugh because I looked ridiculous!  Here’s the thing, I love these types of tops/sweaters that look layered.  This was just all wrong on me.  Boxy and no shape thank you very much.  Man, did I want to love this though.  I tried it on in a small.  I am going to make it my mission to get a top like this because there are so many out there.  The key will be to find something that hits me in the right spot and isn’t too boxy.  If it’s out there, I’ll find it, lol!


So I ended up with 4 tops and my grand total was a whopping $11.00 after the 40% off and my $100.00 gift card and $20.00 rewards card.  I promise to show you how I style these tops in my everyday life.  By the time you read this the 40% off sale will be over but if you see something you like keep checking.  I NEVER buy anything at Loft for full price and you don’t have to either, they are always having a sale!

One more thing, I tried all of these tops on with these denim leggings.  I was not looking to buy any pants so I grabbed them and they did not disappoint, so comfy!  If I needed a pair I would have gotten them but I was trying to stay within a certain budget, like not spending anything at all out of my own money, so I put them back!

So, a few great tops from Loft, that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag!  And for your viewing pleasure we are linking up with Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday as well as   for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot.  Head there and find some fabulous blogs!

Fashionably yours,



Here are links to what I tried on at Loft:

Lace Top

Denim Leggings

Bell Sleeved Top

Mixed Media Peplum Top

Plaid Peplum Utility Bouse

Lace Applique Tee

Eyelet Paneled Shell

Ruffle Cuff Top







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