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Today is a departure from the norm in a couple of ways. Not only am I posting for the 4th straight day in a row but I’m sharing lingerie. Relax, you will NOT see any pictures of me in said lingerie. Whew, we all feel better now. But I did want to tell you about a great subscription service, Lingerie Box, that delivers over $100 worth of lingerie to your door for just $49.95. In fact, the box I got was worth $130!

Lingerie Box

Such pretty packaging!

So here’s the scoop. I absolutely, 100% believe that if you aren’t wearing the right undergarments nothing works. That coupled with the fact that most of us are wearing bras that aren’t the correct size or they are worn out and no longer fit makes a service like this one we need to know about. Did you know that bras need to be replaced regularly? They have a life expectancy!

Needless to say when one of the stylists reached out to me, I was excited to give it a try. I have been a customer of LaBella Intimates for years and hearing that the owner, Santa, designed Lingerie Box to bring beautiful, high quality lingerie to those not able to shop at the boutique in person seemed genius to me!
Lingerie Box
Having a larger chest (btw I had a breast reduction in college 1988 or 89) I found that most of the bras in my size range were ugly. Not pretty or feminine at all. I am so happy to say that Lingerie Box and LaBella Intimates has changed all of that. You’ll find a box of beautiful waiting for you when you subscribe.

So how does it work? Well, you start by completing a style guide, including measurements and preferences. Then your stylist chooses items for you and in a few days your box of gorgeousness arrives! Lingerie Box

From the website: The Lingerie Box features small designers from Europe, the United States, Canada, and South America. Each of these selections is of extremely high quality, better than what you would find at stores such as Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood. All the designers featured at Lingerie Box are hand selected, tested in the store first, and have received excellent reviews from our customers.

And these high quality items, including bras, panties, sleepwear, robes, and more, come straight to your door when you become a monthly subscriber! Our staff knows all about the sexiest lingerie by today’s hottest designers. We not only match these latest designs to you and what you want, but when you subscribe to the Lingerie Box, you have the opportunity to preorder the newest lingerie collections that aren’t even available in stores yet.

My experience with Lingerie Box was great! The first box I received had a beautiful bra that just didn’t fit quite right – communicating with my stylist was a breeze and thank goodness she was able to figure out what I needed based on my feedback about the fit. I simply returned (for free) the first box and then the next one arrived. The fit was much better.
Lingerie Box
You can get a subscription for yourself or even give one as a gift! They have subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months that make perfect gifts for bridal showers or birthdays. And listen, you will not always receive a bra and panties – they also offer robes, baby dolls, and sleepwear. You can cancel your subscription at anytime but know that the team of stylists have been professionally trained to work with you and they are committed to getting you the very best products for your needs.

So, are you ready to treat yourself to great fitting and beautiful lingerie? Throw out those old bras and panties – you will see such a noticeable difference when you are finally wearing the correct size bra!

Thank you Lingerie Box for providing me with a box and allowing me to share my honest opinions!

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