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Happy Friday and cheers for the weekend!  Since returning from our cruise and celebrating the 4th this week has been interesting to say the least.  I think we all need a weekend just so we can get back on track and know what day it is! Today I thought I’d share a little bit about my life lately.

Truth be told I’ve had this meme pinned on one of my Pinterest boards for a loooooong time.  It’s not only funny but it’s true for me!  Especially in the Summer when I am off work and my gym routine changes (drastically) and I have more time to cook and bake.  I LOVE trying new recipes and in the Summer I’m constantly trying new things.  Eating more and moving less equals weight gain.  Over the years I have come to expect that, it’s normal for me.  When school starts back and my routine gets normal again I eventually lose the weight.  This year feels a little different though.  It started back in the Spring when I began indulging in one too many happy hours and now I am not at all happy with how my clothes fit.  It’s time to get serious and start making better choices.  To motivate myself I have imposed a shopping ban – no clothes shopping until I drop a few pounds.  I can’t say exactly what that number will be, I’m thinking at least a good 5 to 8 but we’ll see.  The goal is for me to still enjoy my Summer break but feel good in my skin.

Summer break also means I have more time to spend with my precious little great niece.  Taking her to story time at our local library is something I love doing with her.  This girl has my heart!












And here we are in our matching Mexican dresses I picked up on our cruise!
























I have been trying to adjust to wearing contact lenses.  Here’s the backstory: I’ve always had great vision, until my 40’s when reading became challenging.  I did what most of us do, I bought inexpensive readers and pulled them out when I needed them.  Then working on the computer became difficult, so I had my eyes examined and found out I need progressive lenses.  Last year I finally got a pair of glasses that worked but they drove me crazy!  Having not been a glasses-wearer I always felt like I wanted to take them off – like I was wearing goggles.  So I am giving contacts a try.  I went the Monday before our cruise and had MAJOR problems, the prescription wasn’t right and putting them on and taking them off was a nightmare.  On Monday I went back and spent half the day at the optometrist’s office.  Now I’m trying to get used to this prescription (one lens is for close up and one is for distance) but putting them on and taking them off is a lot easier.  I’m kind of seeing double right now but the doctor assured me my brain will adjust and it will take some time, fingers crossed!

Next week begins the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, for cardholders early shopping begins Thursday, 7/13.  I have mixed thoughts on the sale this year.  In part because of my self imposed shopping ban but also because I need to practice some self-control.  Living in Florida means I don’t need heavy sweater, jackets, boots, etc. but when I see them on every blog I read I start convincing myself that I do in fact need those things.  So I order some and put them away.  Fall comes and it’s still hot, Winter comes and we have a few cold fronts but I end up with fewer cold days than cold weather outfits.  I am going to try to make better decisions this year.  I’ve been perusing the catalog and I am contemplating a trip to Tampa to shop in person.  The beauty buys, accessories, and shoes can be worn in almost any climate.  I always stock up on candles too.

And finally my heart is overflowing with gratitude for new friendships I’ve found through blogging.  Many times in the past I’ve referenced my sweet friend Andrea and her blog.  She’s been so supportive of me and so encouraging.  To show her my appreciation I sent her box of some of my faves for her birthday.  She returned the favor a few weeks ago and sent me some of her faves, including her favorite wine from Chicago! I wish I could share the bottle with her!









Here’s to a great weekend my friends, next week I’ll be back with more of my usual posts including recreating a look from one a blogger I have a lot of admiration for so stay tuned!



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