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Happy Friday!  Yes, indeed it is a happy Friday as this is a 3 day weekend for us.  We have a teacher workday on Monday and I always take those days off, so yippee skippy.  Sunday is my 23rd wedding anniversary and while we never really do anything super special to celebrate the day is special to us anyway.  Since life has been a little crazy in these parts as of late I figured I do a little round up of what’s been happening behind the scenes.












I am writing this post on Wednesday night, sitting in a Panera on International Drive.  I have a perfect view of Kraken, the rollercoaster at Sea World.  My son Collin and his friends are at an ACE (Architecture Construction Engineering) mentoring program.  If you have kids interested in these fields look for this incredible program in your area – it is FANTASTIC.  What’s not fantastic?  The hour drive we had to make to get here, nor the 2 hours I have to hang out down here until it’s done.  I love my kid, I do.  You know what else I love?  Washing my make up off and putting my jammies on around 7pm.  That’s of course after I have washed the dishes – in the utility sink in my garage #kitchenreno.  Oh well, I’m making the best of it.  Eating my favorite salad at Panera – the Green Goddess Chicken Cobb Salad – holy yum – an unsweetened iced tea and a cookie (I’ll eat it later) and of course working on the blog!

There are actually a few things that have happened recently that are more positive.  Our school collected food for families who needed help after the hurricane.  Once school started back up again we noticed one of our buses was empty and when we realized this particular neighborhood still had no electricity and no water it made sense.  We realized parents didn’t want to send their kids to school since they hadn’t bathed, huge eye opener.  This is a picture of me with our principal and assistant principal – also known as my fellow lunch duty buddies!  Oh, and FYI the woman is the principal because hey, girls rule!

Because we like to keep things fun at work we try to plan something for our staff once every quarter.  Since anyone could do a Halloween event I suggested Oktoberfest.  It was so fun!  We served root beer, cream soda, and pretzels.  Decorations were purchased through Oriental Trading and we played polka music. I wish I had a picture of the tables cause they were cute.  I also put conversation starter tokens on each table to give everyone something to talk about besides school!  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and talk with your co-workers!



















I was able to stop in Target and found a few things worth noting. First up this super cute military vest. Th equality is exceptional and it’s priced well at just under $30. It comes on grey and olive, I’m wearing the grey in a size small.












Two big trends this Fall are embroidered everything and velvet. These embroidered jeans are fabulous! They felt great, the colors are pretty and they were $32. They run true to size, I am wearing a size 4.












You can see in the picture I’m wearing an almost blush pink top with the jeans. I couldn’t find the exact one to link but this is similar. I needed a small and they only had a medium, it was too big but it sure was cute!












Life lately has also included lots of golf, Collin is on the golf team and it’s been a very busy season. When people ask if I’m going out to dinner with my husband for our anniversary I kinda laugh. Pretty much every night around here is date night. Nolan is off at school and Collin is either at golf or robotics. The boy is never home. This weekend he has a robotics competition I’ll be taking him to all day Saturday and then the homecoming dance is that night. There’s no school Monday but he has a district golf game. On Sunday he’ll be finishing up college apps – life with a senior is BUSY!

Alright friends, thanks for sticking with me. I hope you enjoyed a little update on life lately. Make this weekend marvelous!



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