Kerotin Gift Guide – For Fabulous Hair

Treat yourself or someone you know to luxurious products that take self care to another level. You’ve heard me share my love of Kerotin products in the past. I regularly use the hair growth vitamins, the shape shifter hair spray, and the intensive growth drops. My current wish list includes their volumizing system and the eyelash growth serum. And if Santa really wanted to surprise me, he’d be sure this silk pillowcase was in my stocking! It practically has my monogram on it!

Just in time for the holidays, Kerotin has put together a targeted gift guide. Targeted? Yes, targeted towards different age ranges because as we all know, our needs change as we age. Check out the holiday gift guide here.

Let me tell you why I love Kerotin. These products work AND they are affordable. Now listen, I have accepted the fact that I have fine, thin hair – no product is ever going to change that. BUT, taking care of that hair from the inside out helps it grow faster and healthier. Having the right styling products is critical too so while I love the shape shifter hair spray, hello hold without helmet head, I am excited to try the volumizing system next.

Happy hair days friends ahead friends!


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