January with TBB

That wonderful group of ladies, known as The Blended Blog, is back at it! This time TBB asks a series of questions for January. Read along and enjoy my friends!

Let’s do this and start the year out right!
1. No resolutions for me. I always strive to do the very best I can and I like to do a little self reflection each day. Did I leave the world a little better? Did I make a difference? Do I owe any apologies? That kind of thing, helps me stay true to who I am. I love this:
2. There’s no snow here in Florida but I love the cold! My husband tells me all the time that I’d like to vacation in snow but probably wouldn’t like living in it.
3. A new place I’d like to go this year? Hmmmmm…Lake Michigan for Summer vacation or Las Vegas.
4. Honestly neither. When I’ve tried changing my hair color I always end up blonde again and the stages getting there are never good. Same thing with a cut – if I go shorter it usually ends up being more work.
5. I’d love to attend a blogging conference or at the very least meet up in person with some other bloggers.
6. My least favorite thing about January is the let down after the holidays. My house seems so bare after taking down all of the decorations. I also hate saying goodbye to my son as he returns to school. Boo!
7. My favorite thing about January is my son’s birthday! This year he’ll be 20 and reflecting back on that day and all the days since then makes my heart swell with love and pride. That God chose me to be this boy’s mom is so humbling. I just love that boy!
8. The holiday decorations come down before we return to school. This year it was later than usual which was fine by me because I love keeping them up as long as possible.
9. I don’t like to diet – I prefer to resume my healthy eating habits that take a back seat during the holidays. I always feel better when I eat better!
10. My new desk area and kitchen need to be organized once I start my new work from home job.
11. This year I’ll be making Andrea’s Stout Beef Stew with biscuits. Ya’ll it is soooooooo good!
12. Reading is my favorite guilty pleasure. In fact, when I’m reading a good book NOTHING gets done. Dinner? Frozen pizza. Laundry? Dig deeper in your drawers to find something clean. TV? Nope. Give me a book any day!  Wanna know what I’ve read lately?  Go here.

Speaking of The Blended Blog go here to participate in a Spread the Love Gift Exchange in February. It’s open to everyone – not just bloggers!

Tomorrow I start my new job! I have one day of in-person training and then the rest is all online. I’m thinking of wearing this dress from Shein. It’s not too short, it’s comfortable and stylish. I’ll wear it with boots, like these or these (under $40). Because of the ruffled sleeves I’ll need to wear a vest in case it gets chilly at training. My cargo vest will work just fine. Don’t have one yet? Rectify that friends, now, it’s such a wardrobe staple that can be worn year round! This one or this one would be great!
I’ll be sure to post a picture on my instagram if you’re interested!

Make today a marvelous Monday!

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