Jambu Chai Boot Love

#comfortablebootsforwomenI am so thrilled to be sharing the second pair of boots I received from Jambu. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my love of the Rimini bootie? The Chai boots I’m sharing today are the complete opposite style wise but I love them all the same and will wear them for years to come. After all, Jambu specializes in comfortable boots for women and when you combine comfort and great style you have my heart!#comfortablebootsforwomen

Confession: I have NEVER owned a good pair of quality knee high boots – EVER! I’ve always wanted a pair but never took the plunge. What held me back was the fact that all the designer boots, while beautiful, didn’t offer the comfort my feet crave. I am happy to report that this is ABSOLUTELY not the case with the Chai.#comfortablebootsforwomen

The Chai has that memory foam footbed that is to die for comfortable and it’s made of full grain tumble leather. On top of that it is water resistant and has an all-Terra outsole that provides grip and means no slipping! Great for my friends living in icy, snowy conditions.#comfortablebootsforwomen

On top of all the great features the Chai offers it is also just beautiful. I think it’s a classic style I’ll wear for years to come. Chai comes in black and whiskey, I chose the whiskey color and it is so pretty! I’ll be honest that when these boots arrived I was so impressed with the packaging and then when I got to the actual boots I got it – they’re like boot royalty! These boots deserve to be packaged up so well, with duster bags to store them in.


Jambu’s Chai looks great with denim!

Let me tell you that when I slipped them on my feet they felt so wonderful! I ordered a half size up in these to allow for a heavier sock when it’s cold but they fit great even without a sock. For me to wear any boot without a sock and not get blisters or feel something rubbing is a miracle. Do yourself a favor and take a look at Jambu’s boots and booties. You’ll be glad you did and your feet will thank you.


These boots were definitely made for walking!

Take a look at Jambu’s new arrivals. I am so thrilled that we finally have a comfortable option that doesn’t sacrifice style.Use the code THISBLONDE18 for 15% off any jambu.com purchase, now through 11/19. This is the perfect time of year to grab a great pair of boots.


Chai looks great with a dress too!

Thank you Jambu for making my boot loving dreams come true!
You can shop the pieces I’m wearing here:

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