Is the Third Time a Charm?

Oh how I hope it is! A little back story here, I have written this post in it’s entirety two other times. It even got published until I saw it on my Bloglovin feed and went into cardiac arrest (almost). I immediately had to pull it and trash it. No, there was no wardrobe malfunction or misspelled word. Something much worse occurred. Rotated pictures. As in rotated 90 degrees. Hideous. Rookie mistake? Maybe, maybe not. In any case I have researched and hopefully figured out the problem. I’ll tell ya what, this blog thing? It ain’t easy. It is challenging, especially for someone who isn’t tech savvy. And to make matters worse I started back to work last week, my husband had to fly out to Colorado for business for the week unexpectedly and my son leaves for college this week. Emotionally I am just not on my “A” game and needless to say the blog has suffered.

So I am hoping this works. The good news is I have learned from this experience, the bad news is the sale at Loft is over. These items may not be available but the inspiration you may receive is yours for the taking!

Last week I happened upon the sale at Loft, an extra 50% off sale styles. Although I hadn’t planned on shopping I found myself in Loft while my son finished a burger at Five Guys. Because I have a hard time saying no to their fries I thought it would be better for me to skip his foray into fast food heaven.

Here’s what I found, I call it yes, yes, no! Because I can’t say no to a tassel, especially when it’s on sale, I scooped up this black skirt. It was originally $69.50, marked down to $54.99 and my price was $27.49. That price was much more like it, really, $69.50 for this skirt? Who pays that? I grabbed this vintage soft tank because I can always use a bright colored tank and this one is soft! The sale price was $7.49! Yes, please! The ‘no’ in the group was the blue top. So pretty but the cut was too boxy and sloppy for me. What do you think?





In the last picture I added a sleeveless vest I purchased last year from Target. The vest was a great buy and I can wear it this year as well. It can be worn year round here in Florida. If you have the chance definitely scoop one up!

Fingers crossed friends that someone besides me actually gets to see this post, lol! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,


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