Introducing the Plegging

Ever heard of a plegging before? Yeah me either. But I am totally naming these pleggings! Why? Well, because we all know leggings are NOT pants, but can pants be leggings? Let’s not get too deep on this Monday but let me introduce the plegging. And p.s. see that blouse? It’s the one I ordered from Amazon – well under $20!
It started a few weeks ago when I was attempting to clean out the drawer I keep my denim and leggings in. Clearly my black leggings needed to be retired. I found these after seeing them on a few blogs and while my initial reaction was that they were too pricey for me I decided to reconsider.#blackpontepant #redwraptop#blackpontepant #redwraptop
Ordering from Nordstrom is always such a safe bet with their free shipping and free returns so I went for it. When they arrived I slipped them on and fell in love. They are made of the best material for smoothing and supporting. They have a button and faux zipper and pockets too so they totally look like pants! I mean really, I can tuck a blouse in!
Yet they are as comfy as leggings and can be worn in place of a regular legging, see? So yes, I am coining the term “plegging” and I highly recommend them! They are an investment that will totally take the place of several pair of leggings and a great black pant. For size reference I am wearing a size 4 and mine are dark grey with a thin pinstripe.

So, they have a button, faux zipper and pockets, belt loops and they mold and hold -can you say all that about your leggings? No, of course not. They are slim and slender and have a nice, thick waistband to eliminate any “bulge” and give you a smooth silhouette for when you wear a tunic – can you say all that about your pants? No, of course not. But you CAN say that about your new
pleggings, otherwise known as Wit & Wisdom Skinny Ponte Pants!
Shop the look:

I took all of these photos with my Echo Look, I’m getting the hang of it and it’s simple to use. It really helps in a pinch. Now if my editing skills were up to par the colors might be more vibrant, but it sure helps a busy blogger get pictures taken when no one is available!


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