Inspired by Shelbee on the Edge

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, the inspiration I get from reading various blogs is what gets me dressed somedays! It’s true!  More than magazines ever did, I find myself reading my favorite blogs each morning and realizing I either have similar pieces to re-create a look or in some cases the exact pieces.

I honestly have no idea how I found sweet Shelbee; I’m thinking it’s been close to a year that I’ve been following her. Her style is magnificent – edgy and feminine and her content is rich with information.  She touches on subjects most of us are too afraid to address.

When I saw this post I got so excited! I have the same vest and the same boots! In fact I have had both pieces for a year now and have yet to wear them together. Duh! Why not? I have no idea. They work well together!

I wore this a week ago Saturday to Chili’s and a movie. It was cozy and fabulous! The best part? Both my sweater and my vest fared well – no salsa spills!

Although my boots are old these are similar and so are these. They are both under $40. I love that price point because I hate investing too much money in something I won’t wear very often. Let’s face it – these are NOT every day boots and I don’t live in a climate cool enough to wear them much. I still like them a lot though. Kinda like I’m dating them but not ready to settle down and get married, ya know?

My vest is old too but this one is similar. It adds just the right amount of warmth on a chilly day.

Now check out the chick that inspired me, my sweet friend Shelbee !

Obviously she lives up north and I’m here in the south but we can both wear the same outfit, she added a beautiful scarf and gloves for warmth.
Has that ever happened to you? You find you have the exact pieces to put a look together? It’s exciting, right? I love the inspiration we get from one another.

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