If the skirt fits …

then wear it!  Or so the saying goes. Actually, it’s “if the shoe fits, wear it” but around here we don’t get too particular when it comes to a catchy post title.  Probably because there haven’t been too many (post titles that is). But, that my friends is about to change.  Yes, my goal this summer is to begin posting on a regular basis, specifically three times a week.  Thanks to a new laptop (love you honey!) and having the summer completely off (1st time in for-ev-ah) that goal is attainable.  But I digress.  Let’s get back to the whole skirt fitting thing.

So a few weeks ago I was shopping in Target for the usual and as I was making my way with my very full cart to the check out I passed a great maxi skirt.  Sound familiar?  Are you with me?  Of course you are! How many times are you buying groceries when you get side tracked by something that wasn’t on your list but you can’t live without at Target? Marketing geniuses they are!  But here’s where my story is probably a little different than what you might expect.  I found the skirt in the girls’ department.  Yes, you read that right…the girls’ department.  Mmmmm hmmm, yes, right across from the greeting cards.  So I pick it up and check it out and I love it!  I grab an XL and sure enough it looks like it is gonna fit just right.  So I grab this black beauty with an adorable ruffled hem and throw it in the basket because #noshameinmygame.  Here’s the link: http://www.target.com/p/girls-tiered-knit-maxi-skirt-black-cherokee/-/A-50419782#prodSlot=large_1_5

When I get it home and try it on, well, friends, perfection!  So much so that on another trip to another Target I found a great white maxi skirt again in the girls’ department. And this one is lined! You better believe that baby made its way into my cart and is now hanging in my closet.   Here’s the link for the white skirt: http://www.target.com/p/girls-maxi-skirt-white-cherokee/-/A-50210733#prodSlot=large_1_8 So yes, I am now the proud owner of 2 maxi skirts from Target both purchased in the girls’ department.  And here’s the thing, I have been looking for a few new maxi skirts but I’ve been disappointed in the options at my usual haunts (Loft, Macy’s).

What I love about these skirts is the great length.  At 5’5″ they just hit the floor so they are perfect for wearing flat sandals.  Because of the great hemlines on each I can wear a heel as well.  The fabric is great and won’t pill.  The price is another enticing aspect to shopping in the girls’ department.  Had I found either of these skirts in the women’s department they’d be at least $10 more.  It’s a great time to check these skirts out because they are buy one get one 50% off – so you could get both skirts for under $30!

Now I’m sure by now some of you are wrinkling your nose at the thought of shopping in the girls’ department and I get that.  I am not suggesting you buy everything there but hey, don’t rule it out.  My normal size is 4 or 6 and the XL in girls was a great fit for me.  And please don’t think I’m desperate to hold onto my youth; I’m not, at 48 I get it.  I am middle aged and not trying to look like a teenager.  I’m just a shopper trying to find cute clothing at a great price and I feel it’s my duty to pass that information onto you.  Why not try on a skirt or a sweater or even something else from another department?  Step outside your comfort zone!

And that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag!

Fashionably yours,






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