How to Wear Heels Comfortably

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t mention something about shoes, after all I am a high heel lovin’ lady! The problem is my feet are aging and that means that not just any old shoe will do. In the last few years I’ve had all kinds of issues with my feet but the one most pressing is that I have hardly any padding on the bottoms of my feet. This was confirmed by an MRI and to my knowledge there’s really nothing I can do about it. The number one priority for me when buying shoes is how much padding is in the footbed.

I can also say with confidence that buying good shoes that are well constructed is paramount. Last Spring I fell in love with these heels by Jambu. I saw them on all my favorite bloggers and wondered if they’d work for me. Not only is the footbed important to me but the instep cannot be too high either. When these went on sale I ordered them immediately!

These shoes feel great but I could tell that the ball of my foot would need a little extra cushioning due to the higher instep.

Earlier in the month of June I was contacted by Chai the founder of Airpufs. Airpufs are insoles made from a super shock absorbent foam, and they hand print each pair in their studio in Singapore. Chai asked if I’d like to try a pair and of course I was game! I’ve tried other insoles but found them to be bulky, ugly, and after just a few hours they no longer provided any comfort. So what you are about to read is my honest opinion of a product that was provided to me, free of charge. I have linked the product but it is not an affiliate link (I make no money if you click).

First thing I noticed when I went their website is how beautiful these insoles are! Each one looks like a work of art! But they aren’t just pretty. Airpufs use the same technology that NASA uses fro cushioning and impact absorption. Of course I chose a beautiful pink pair but I seriously had the hardest time deciding. They are all so pretty!

You know what else? They work. They feel good and that good feeling lasts a long time. They are reasonably priced as well. I plan on ordering the three pack.

Once I added the Airpufs to my new shoes I was in business! Now listen, I’ll tell you the truth here – most of you would not need to add anything to a pair of Jambu shoes. They are well made and very comfortable. My feet are the exception not the rule. But a product like Airpufs can make a world of difference in all of your shoes! I hope you’ll give them a try!

Here I am wearing my new shoes along with my wrap maxi I last talked about here. I just love the way the colors of the dress work with these shoes!

So how about you, what are your secrets for wearing heels comfortably? I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet and give up heels, are you? Have you tried Airpufs? Have you found certain brands of shoes work better than others? Do tell!

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