How to Style Sequin Leggings

This time of year calls for all the extra! Extra treats, extra cheer, extra sparkle & shine. So today I’ll address how to style sequin leggings because if any time of year is perfect for these beauties, it’s this one!

Why Sequin Leggings?

Well, the better question is why not? But, for those who wonder why in the world anyone would want to wear sequin leggings let me say this: they are both festive and comfortable! They are sure to elevate any outfit you are thinking of wearing – they are that easy to style!

Here’s the simple truth: anything you’d wear black leggings with, you can wear with sequin leggings! See? Easy peasy!

Sequin Leggings and Crushed Velvet

Remember I said this is the time of year that everything is extra? Well same can be said for this outfit. Crushed velvet is so soft and pretty especially when paired with these texture rich leggings. It’s an easy outfit for any holiday occasion. Paired with a high heeled sock bootie (option) and simple jewelry this is such a great way to stylishly and comfortably dress for a party, date night, or even a girls night out! Right now my top is on sale but sizes are limited. It runs BIG – I am wearing a small for reference.

Crushed Velvet Flutter Sleeve Top + Sequin Leggings + Sock Booties

Style tip: If you aren’t comfortable completely tucking in your blouse, do a partial tuck. It looks much better and “complete” compared to leaving it untucked.

Crushed Velvet Flutter Sleeve Top + Sequin Leggings + Sock Booties

Sequin Leggings and a Blazer

Maybe you prefer a more subdued look. If subdued and sequins are ever to appear together it would be with a silk blouse and blazer! This look says business up top and party on the bottom!

Red Blazer + Silk Blouse + Sequin Leggings + Black Sock Booties

The red is particularly festive. This blazer is from Amazon, I mentioned it Monday. Of course the gold buttons provide a nice contrast and pop and there’s nothing like the fit of a double breasted blazer.

Red Blazer + Silk Blouse + Sequin Leggings + Sock Booties

Silk blouses are so versatile. This gorgeous, luxurious fabric is soft and stunning. Perfect for work as well as evening. This blouse holds its own with these leggings, even without the jacket.

If you wear this outfit you can rest assured that you’ll get noticed but for all the right reasons! You can look festive without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Get the Look Yourself

My leggings are about 3 years old and no longer available, but these are similar. However, the above outfits could easily be re-created with a pair of sequin trousers. I’ve seen all kinds of fun cuts – including wide leg and cropped versions. There’s something for everyone.

So, are you ready to wear sequin leggings?

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