How to Shop Elegantly and Dress for Less

The average American spends at least $1700 on clothes annually. If you are a plus size, you can still get fashionable and elegant outfits that perfectly fit your body type at a bargain. If you love the lure of new clothes, bags, shoes, plus size lingerie, you already know it can end up costing a small fortune by the end of the year. Even when you are on a budget, you can still dress elegantly without straining to buy expensive outfits. Here’s how to do it!

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Thrift and Discounted Stores

Thrift Stores stock second-hand clothes that are still in good condition but at a lower price. You can get good bargains for quality items, which would have cost more when brand new. Thrift stores have a quality standard for all the clothes they sell. You are assured of quality items you can use for a long time. Another consideration is discount stores. The stores stock designer clothes at half or lower the price you would get at a regular store.

Buy Out of Season

Clothes in season cost more than those out of season. Fewer people would be looking for summer clothes in winter, meaning that store owners will lower the prices or put the off-season clothes on offer to attract buyers.  It might need a bit of planning, but it’s worth the savings. Check your wardrobe to identify the next season items you need to buy, then do it before the season starts. You will find that purchasing coats in May might be cheaper than in December. Also, swimwear and summer clothes will cost less in January and February.

Keep off the Trends

Trends come and go, leaving you with expensive clothes that you can’t wear. Even when trendy outfits are on sale, you will only get to wear them for a short while, making them not that affordable. You will soon be shopping for more clothes. If you keep up with the trends, it means that you will be out shopping for what’s new again once the fashion wave has passed. To avoid this, slow down on trends and stick to clothes that don’t go out of fashion.

Buy Quality Not Quantity

Some designer clothes are on offer because they probably are low quality or faulty. It means you won’t have to wear them for long, or you will have to make adjustments before use. If you are buying swimwear, instead of buying three outfits that won’t last a year, go for a more expensive but quality brand that will serve you for at least three years. It may cost more now, but you will make considerable long-term savings. Sometimes, cheap is not always cheap.

If you are an impulse buyer, you already know how a visit to the local store ends. You decide to go into a shop to buy only one outfit but end up buying 5. To avoid this, shop online. Also, learn to buy what you can currently afford. Don’t use credit cards unless you can control your spending and make timely payments.


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