How to Make Time to Move

Life is busy, isn’t it? We do what we can to fit everything in but no one out there is a superhuman. Those who are able to do it all often feel the most stressed, the most burnt out and the most worried about how they can continue this momentum. Finding the time to exercise between home, family, work, social and self-care commitments isn’t easy – and you might have all the right ideas about working out but it doesn’t mean that you will be able to do it all the time.

It’s nice to think about exercise as something to do but it’s not always a realistic idea. Even the busiest people can find the time to research the best ways to stay active, though. Below, we’ve put together a list of things that you can do to find the time to effectively move. You deserve to move your body and feel good about it, and our tips will help you to do just that! 

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  • Think about what your workout will give you. It’s easy to say you’re too tired and just sit and scroll on Netflix, but the thing is, that’s not going to help. Those 30 minutes of a TV show are going to pass anyway; you may as well put the show on in the background while you do some exercise. The time will move, but you can move with it! You will get things done much faster if you remember that your workout will take a slice of time – not all day.
  • Add it to your routine. If you take the elevator, learn to take the stairs. If you drive to work, figure out where to park and walk the final 20 minutes to the office. Use your work lunch break to get in a brisk walk or even a quick gym session! Learn to use your office (if it’s private) as a space in which you can workout.
  • Borrow a neighbor’s dog! If you have a dog in your street, ask to take it for a walk. Some neighbors who are older aren’t always able to go out and get their dogs exercised properly, but you could do it. Bring the kids and turn it into a fun family walk. If you are cooking, march or jog in place while you wait for things to cook. Will it be the most effective? No, not like going to the gym, but the point is that you’re moving your body. 
  • Get the kids out of the house. Children don’t have to be a reason not to exercise, not when there are physical education classes on YouTube that you could all join in on to do your daily exercise. You can all go for a bike ride, a swim or a fun day out at the beach together, too. It’s one of the best ways that you can relax as a family, and it’s going to be a wonderful thing you can all do together.

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