How to Fake Fuller Hair

All of my life I have had fine, thin hair. It’s always been a challenge to deal with, especially since I live in a hot, humid climate. Of course even the weather couldn’t prevent me from indulging in the big hair of the 80’s. Remember this photo I shared?

As I have gotten older my struggle continues. I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for years, his name is Nelson and I love his honesty. A few years ago he started mentioning toppers to me. He’d tell me about a client he had that had a hair topper and how much she liked it. He even brought some in from time to time for me to try to give me longer, fuller hair. While that was fun I never really felt comfortable wearing those pieces on the daily. It was hard to clip in a hair piece and blend it with my natural hair. I felt self conscious and uncomfortable. So I pretty much ignored Nelson.

Almost two years ago my bestie Windy and I attended The Southern Women’s Show. We weren’t looking for anything specific just out to have fun! It turned out to be a life changing day for me. I’m not even being dramatic! For fun take a look at this photo of us when we got there. You can see the top of my hair is the problem.
As we were walking around a gentleman called out to us – actually me – and said , “Hey you really need to check us out!” It was a hair booth after all and he was right! Top Secret Haircessory changed my life. They don’t sell wigs, they sell hair toppers made of real human hair that simply clip on. This is not a sponsored post and the links are not affiliate links – I make no money by sharing this with you it’s just something that’s been on my heart to share for almost 2 years and I have finally found the words. Trust me this is hard to do – in some ways worse than appearing in a bikini!

So here’s what happened: I plopped myself in the chair and let them show me how to fake fuller hair.  I fell in love! Not only did the hair match perfectly, it clipped in easily – no need to tease or try to blend.  On top of that since the hair is hand tied it lays flat – so many wigs and hairpieces are not hand tied and the hair sticks up higher.  Here I am immediately after purchasing my topper! See the difference?
I felt like a new woman! It’s easy to care for; washes and dries easily and styles with a curling iron, hot curlers, flat iron, etc. The very best part is that NO ONE has ever said to me, “Is that your real hair?” In fact, I went back to the Southern Women’s Show last Fall with my mother. I wanted to get another topper. When I sat in the chair and took mine off my mother gasped! She had no idea I was wearing a hair topper! It’s not that I kept it a secret but it’s not really something that comes up often – certainly if anyone ever asked how I got my hair to look a certain way I’d tell them. Also, my mother knew I was constantly buying hair pieces – bangs, the halo top extensions, etc. so when I told her I wanted to get a new hairpiece she figured I wore clip in bangs!

I bought another hair topper – this one has more hair and is a little lighter in color. It’s worth mentioning that the only reason I wanted another is because the layers in my hair were longer.

Here’s the thing: just like anything this is a personal preference. I am not going bald, I do not have bald spots and some of you will look at these pictures and think I didn’t need a hair topper. That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some women spend money on cosmetic procedures, I spend mine on hair! Seriously, I cashed in several of the saving bonds that I got when I graduated from high school to get my first one. These pieces are not cheap nor should they be. They are well worth it.

You may also find this funny: the first time I went to get my roots done when I walked into the salon Nelson told me my roots were fine! When I took my topper off he couldn’t believe it! It has a natural part and is completely undetectable. That’s because the founder and CEO (who you meet btw because she is always at the women’s shows they travel to) Denise Rossouw is genius! All the ladies working for her are wearing their hairpieces – they have toppers, extensions, bangs, you name it and they all look so natural!

So, if you have thinning hair – I expect mine to get worse as I age – take a look at Top Secret Haircessory . While they are based in LA (and work with lots of celebrities) they travel around the country to shows like The Southern Women’s Show. They also work with salons and sell online so there are lots of ways to get this incredible product. And it is incredible. Last year I ordered a hair topper for a fraction of the price online from another retailer. It was horrible, hard to clip in and just didn’t look natural. I returned it.

Fuller hair helps us look younger as well. Not that I am trying to look 35 or anything but I don’t want to look older than my 50 years, ya know? Last Fall I didn’t wear my topper to school one day – I thought my hair was fine. Wrong. You know kids are very honest. At lunch one of the little kindergarten boys called me over and said, “Mrs. Rohr you look like a grandma today, right here.” He was pointing to the top of his head where the part was! Bless his heart, I love his honesty.

A few things to know – I don’t wear my topper to the gym – it’s too early and I am not at all concerned about how I look there. I don’t wear it swimming and it has NEVER blown off even though Lisa and I had a good chuckle about that in San Francisco! Yes, Lisa knows. I snapped her one day and showed her and she was surprised!

Please feel free to ask me anything, I am an open book. Pass this along to anyone who needs it – take a look at the website and see the incredible before and after photos. Every woman deserves to feel their very best and knowledge is power. The point of this post is to share this product with you and increase your knowledge. What you see is what you get with me and yes, I fake fuller hair by wearing my Top Secret Haircessory topper!

I thought you might like to see my natural hair after it’s been blown dry, then once I’ve used my curling iron and hairspray, and then finally once I’ve added my topper.

So, what do you think? Do you know anyone who needs something like this?

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