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There’s one thing I know about women who read blogs, we all want to look our best. We look for inspiration from real women. Women like us. How do I know this? Because I am one. A woman who wants to look her best and dress her best at all times. I am inspired by others, I learn from others. My guess is you are too. So let’s talk a bit about how to dress your best!Dress Your Best

I am certainly not in the business of writing rules for fashion because I don’t believe we should follow rules necessarily. They limit us. What I have embraced though is that there are some things to consider when making clothing decisions:

  • dress the body we have NOW – not the one we used to have or the one we hope to have when we lose weight, etc.
  • wear colors you like and feel good in
  • be yourself – sure there may be someone whose style you admire but if they have a different body type than you, you will feel frustrated when you look in the mirror while trying to wear their style (a mistake I often make)
  • take a photo and look at yourself in your clothes – what do you like and what would you change
  • pay attention to the compliments you receive as well as how confident you feel – these two things usually go hand in hand

One color I am always drawn to is hot pink. When I spotted this top on Nordstrom Rack for well under $15 I had to have it. I recently wore it with a black pencil skirt and boots to a wedding and then came home and changed into trouser jeans and my leopard booties (similar) to wear out to dinner.
#Hot Pink Wrap Top

Over on The Blended Blog we are talking about dressing our assets, in fact the beautiful Abbie of Grumbling Grace is our host today so please give her a visit!  All my life I have struggled with a large chest – I even had a breast reduction when I was 20. It’s not something I consider an asset – more of a liability – but it comes into play when I am trying to dress my best. A v-cut is always going to look better on me. My legs are pretty decent thanks to years of working out and healthy -ish eating. So here’s a look I feel good in and works for my body type.#Hot Pink Sweater

If you find yourself unsure about what looks good on you and want to know more about dressing your body type I suggest the book The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou. It is a comprehensive guide to body types. You’ll start by taking your measurements and he gives you a complete list of what to wear. It is sooooo good and goes way beyond the apple and pear shapes we all seem to think describe our bodies. Do you have any tips for dressing your best? Do you make the most of your assets? I hope you will link up with The Blended Blog and stop by and say hello to our host Abbie.

The fun continues my friends and speaking of friends there are a few I hope you’ll visit today! My gal pals and I have all decided to wear hot pink today. Please hop on over to see my friends Lisa,Andrea,Chrissy, Laura, and Shelly.

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